How I Knew

I know I’ve alternated between having my sights firmly fixed on my naval, and/or just gone all out and had my head up my bum for some time.  A Lot of Crap™ has snuck up on on me.   I have been shocked.   I have been startled.   I have been overcome.

But seriously, how did I not know?   How did I miss this?   How did I NOT SEE THIS COMING??????

I mean, I pretty much live for this geeky kind of shit.  How did I not hear about a live action version of Speed Racer coming to a theater near me until just yesterday?

There’s only one explanation.    There’s only way this could ever possibly happen (aside from the afore mentioned self-involvement brought on by terrible loss, grief, stress, and loneliness).    The only way this could be is that my NerdNetwork™ has let me down.

I’m looking at you, Mr. My-Mom-Reads-Your-Blog!!!!!    (Hi Mom!)

This is how I knew it had all gone too far, and I need to snap the hell out of it.

Did Somebody Say “Junk Food”

My revolution will in fact be fueled by Del Taco.

Del on my Desk

I am not messing around.   I am not playing with you.   And yes, I got fries with that.   I  love the fact that at Del Taco, you can get burritos and French fries.   All at once.  In the same bag.  One stop shopping.   And they’re crinkle cut.

You can try to tell me that you’re not jealous, but I won’t believe you.

Conference Calls = EVIL

All conference calls are evil, especially conference calls with WebEx.   All meetings are evil.  That’s just the way it is.

But you know what’s worse, when you’re starving and you’re in some stupid meeting or on some conference call.   Like I am right now.  I am ravenously hungry, and I want a burrito.

Of course, I mention this via IM to my Alli, who’s also on the call, and she starts sending me links to stuff like this:


Not cool, ALLI!!!!!!  Now I’m twice as hungry.   I’m mad with lust for this guacamole.

I’m about to start crying.

My Boys

The Giants did it again last night, taking game one in a three game series from the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The D-Backs are tied with St. Louis, who the Giants beat on Sunday, for the best record in baseball right now.    This makes my heart sing.    The Giants have won five out of their last seven, and have moved out of last place in the west division.   Who’s in last now?   The Dodgers.   Oh yeah!   That’s freaking sexy.

I came to the conclusion last night that my neighbors are going to hate me.   I was getting really into the game, and I was clapping, maybe even hooting a little, and I thought, I wonder what this sounds like to them?   I’ve had other neighbors before, though, and no one ever said anything before, so hopefully they won’t have any issues with my noisy fanaticism.

Have I mentioned that I love baseball?