Another Three Line Post at 11:45

I’m watching Colbert to see if he’s going to make fun of *me* again.  And by me, of course I mean all feminists and people from San Francisco and vicinity.   I know he was talking right to me.

So, yeah, so far no special messages sent out specifically to me, but oh my, the K-pop video.   His hair in said K-pop video.    Oh man.    He’s so freaking cute.

No. No. No.  I like him because he’s funny and smart.   Must.  Not.   Objectify.   Oh shit, I can’t help it, he’s too freaking cute.

He’s interviewing this gal, and she’s laughing.  That would be me.  I wouldn’t be able to answer his questions.  I wouldn’t be able to fake being offended.   I wouldn’t even be able to talk about whatever I was being interviewed on.    I would laugh until I cried, and then I would just stare blankly and drool.

Just sayin’.

Colbert Watch – San Francisco = Heart of Darkness

I was howling again last night. Stephen Colbert of course covered the protest surrounding the Olympic torch. And of course, you can’t do that without touching on what nut jobs the Franciscans are.

“Personally, I find an attack on a torch hypocritical in a city known for some pretty flaming parades.”

My favorite part, “We know that city burns. Moving on. Folks. Too soon? Too soon to joke about the San Francisco fires? I didn’t know we had centigenarians in the office. ”

I can’t post the video here, but here’s the link –
The other side of the funny coin is that apparently thousands of visitors and tourists (not to mention the ubiquitous San Francisco protesters) were disappointed when there was a last minute route change for the torch relay through The City. The change was made in order to avoid a confrontation with protesters, like those in London and Paris. I personally had no desire to see the torch, so I don’t care either way. I also don’t have a very high regard for the way the Chinese government has dealt with Tibet. However, it’s just the Olympics. We’ll make a big deal out of it, only watch a fraction of the begillion televised hours, and when the games are done, we’ll forget they even happened by Christmas.

Just sayin’.

Oh Snap. You Got Me Steve Colbert

In addition to reading more and writing more, I am also watching way too much fucking TV. It’s not all bad. Some of it is really bad though.

And then there’s Comedy Central. There’s the Daily Show. And there’s the Colbert Report.

So, in case you weren’t watching last night, Colbert did this whole thing on water. It was all about how America is too dependent on water.

The best part was a graphic that was to explain how “the scientists say” the water cycle works. I would love to have found the graphic on-line, and I probably would if I waited a week to write this, but let’s face it, I’d forget.

Here’s the synopsis of the slide from

First, the sun causes ground water to evaporate which then condenses into clouds; then Feminists and taxes make God cry and the ocean gets replenished.

Emphasis mine. I guffawed. So, to those of you out there who think feminists have no sense of humor, I’d like to counter that you’re not funny; the Colbert Report is. This is how you make funny about feminism.

Thanks Steve. I needed the laugh.