Favors I May Ask Soon

The following is a list of unusual requests that I might have to make from some of my friends when I get home:

“Excuse me, but can I hide under your furniture?  I think the Responsibilities may have found me.”

“Please take me somewhere now where I do not have to think.”

“In reagards to myself, could you please lower your expectations several notches?”

“I just want to do something normal, and not talk about It.”

“Please stop trying to cheer me up;  if you ignore my Grump, it’ll go away.”

I promise I won’t stay like this forever.  You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

Life in The Crapper

Yeah, so I’m still waiting for my dad’s surgery next month, and at times, it seems like my whole life is just sort of hanging out waiting for that to be over.  I feel like I can’t really make any plans, because I don’t really know when I’ll be back to California.   Also, it’s just kind of put me in a foul mood, in general.

So then, last week, my Kayphore broke her face in a bicycle accident.   Like, she literally fell off of her bike and landed face first on the street.   She broke three teeth in the process and has to go through all this dental work now, not to mention the busted knees and black eyes.   So, I’ve been trying to do as much as I can for her, and been trying to think of ways to cheer her up, be there for her, and distract her.   It’s the least I can do after all the time’s she’s saved my ass.

But while all this is going on, I can’t genuinely say that everything sucks.  I mean, I do have my moments where I certainly feel that way, but then I also have moments where it’s the last thought on my mind.

This Saturday, I’m going to Reno with The Happy Couple.   I’m going to get a spa room all to myself and have a lovely soak.   Also probably going to spend a bit of time out on the town.   Life can’t suck too much with a cocktail, hand of blackjack, and a jacuzi, can it?

Also, there’s something very interesting going on at home.   We have a pair of house guests from Turkey.   They sort of ended up in California without anywhere to go, and ended up at our house.   It’s a long story that I don’t want to go into about how they got here.  Let’s just say it involves some employment policies involving visible tattoos.   It’s kind of fun, though, and the house definitely feels lively with them there.

And today is The Wiz’s birthday, and we’re all going to see Harry Potter.   This is despite the fact that I’ve never really seen the other movies and/or read the books.   I shall be quite lost and confused throughout.   But whatever, it’s her birthday and that’s what she wants to do.  When it was my birthday, and all I wanted to do was ignore it, they all obliged, after all.

Finally, there is a little cuteness being directed my way, and I can’t say that I mind.    But as you know, if you ask about it, I’ll only get dodgy, so don’t even think about it.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve got.  That’s what’s up.

I’m just sayin’.

The Love Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately.  Not because I’ve found some new love to fall into, mind you, but maybe because I haven’t.      I’ve just been thinking of all the varieties of love, and how I experience them.   More exactly, what makes those loves most evident?

I also started thinking about this when I felt my heart swell on the 20th.

I’ve come up with a list of loves in my life, and how/when they are most intense.

There’s the Love I see on the television in the faces of millions listening to a man who promises to bring our dreams back to us, restore our values, and reminds us what patriotism feels like.   Love of ourselves.  Love our country.  Love of each other.
There’s the Love I can smell when we hug, that’s just exactly the same as how I remember, even after six years.
There’s the Love in the silence between Girls who know each others’ thoughts, and don’t have to say A Word to induce fits of Laughter from one another.   Even though it’s not been one year, let alone six.
There’s the Love of trusting me with your baby, even though I almost dropped him on His head.
There’s the Love I hear on my speakers when I Rocket Roll.
There’s the Love I see when I feel a heavy chain lowered around my neck, and open my eyes to see a Hardware Jewel in the mirror at Slim’s.
There’s the Love I feel as a fullness in my chest when I think of those closest to me.
It’s just a start of course.   There are as many types of love as their are Mates and Lovers.
Just sayin’.

Crazy Single Girl Life – Kayphore’s Birthday Edition


So, last night was Kayphore’s birthday.   She wanted to go out to The City to see the former members of the Teenage Harlets play with various new groups.   So, we headed out to The Mission, and The Knockout.  

After filling Kayphore’s belly with some Mexican foods, we bellied up to the bar, and I bought her first Jack and Diet.   It was the first of many, as it should be, because it was her birthday and all. 

We sort of planted ourselves at the bar, for most of the night.   I, to be honest, was enjoying the company, and didn’t really spend much time paying close attention to the bands.  

It was actually an almost tame evening.   There wasn’t a lot of debauchery, other than Kayphore was appropriately sauced.    But regardless, I took a few photos.


The Birthday Girl
The Birthday Girl
Quentin Sr.
Quentin Sr. - Dig that Facial Hair!
What's this here?
What's This Here?
Quentin Sr. & Peabody
Quentin Sr. & Peabody
We Were Saying "Cheeseburger"
We Were Saying "Cheeseburger"
Oh yeah . . . That Guy was there
Oh yeah . . . That Guy was there

We had a very good time, but as the designated Sober Sister, I was out very very late.   Why am I still awake?   I don’t know.

Why I *Heart* Mama Bear

So, I’m in a sharing the love kind of mood, and I think lots of folks are gonna benefit from this.

Mama Bear and I have been friends for a very long time. Like, multiple decades. She recently added a new little guy into her life, her adorable son Devon.

So, here’s some of the things that make her wonderful:

  1. She’s very patient with me. Even when I open my mouth and say some dumb stuff without thinking, she gives me the opportunity to explain myself and set things straight.
  2. She always tells me that I’m skinny, even if I only believe her half the time.
  3. She has a lot of the same values as me, so I know when I go off on a feminist rant or angrily shake my fists about Prop 8, she gets it.
  4. Her kid is just the most adorable little bug in the entire freaking world.
  5. She’s also wicked smart. She does smart things with numbers at work that would probably make my brain explode.
  6. She knows how to throw a party. Her wedding was the most fun ever!
  7. She can make some really good food, and is always making sure that when I come to her house, there’s yummy veggie stuffs.
  8. She loves Legos.
  9. She makes me laugh sometimes so hard that I practically pee my pants.
  10. Her music collection is way better than mine, and she introduced me to the joy of Rufus Wainwright.

Awwwwww. . . it’s a love fest today!!!!

Just sayin’.

I think I’m going to blush now.

Why I *Heart* Kayphore?

A few months ago, at BFD, I spent some time with Kayphore. I had been acquainted with her for over a year, but I’d never really gotten the chance to just hang out with her. Then I was left to my own devices that day, not really knowing the folks around me too well, and I ended up spending most of a day with her. It pretty much changed my life.

Here are all the reasons why she’s completely awesome:

  1. She ridiculously smart. A computer programmer by trade. She has a mind for numbers and all kinds of mathy goodness. I’ve watched her do Trig. It was breathtaking.
  2. She’s hilarious. Many, many, many gerbil squeaking laughs have been inspired by her over the last few months, some at the wee hours in the morning when comedic value is enhanced. Also, she even thinks some of my lame jokes are funny too. “SOAP”
  3. She’s got my back. She’s got martial arts skills and a very sharp knife that I know she would use them in my defense against any manner of creeps.
  4. She’s freaking gorgeous.  (Even if I do take blurry photos)
  5. She doesn’t think I’m a dork. She’s even willing to remind me of that fact as often as I need to hear it.
  6. She’s an excellent listener, and has spent many hours with me going over the details of my very lame and sometimes nonsensical life.
  7. She doesn’t make fun of me when I suck at playing video games.
  8. She’s really good at video games.
  9. She has a really excellent DVD collection, and has me over very frequently to introduce me to all the great movies I never knew I was missing out on.
  10. She once had a car that she turned into a X-Wing!

So, those are all the reasons why it makes me very happy to call Kayphore my friend, and why I never got very upset about being left alone at BFD.

And now I’ll stop gushing.

I hope that this doesn’t embarrass her too much. And I hope that my other friends don’t think that I *heart* them any less. There’s enough of my nerdy admiration to go around, I promise.

A Glimpse at The Rest of My Life

This is a picture I took of myself at my birthday a few weeks ago:


And that’s Pedro in the background.   I realized, when I saw this picture, that this is what the rest of my life is going to be like.   He’s always going to be there, making crazy faces.  For forever.   

What have I gotten myself into?   Seriously.    I invited this madness into my life.

Who am I kidding?  I love this shit!  

Soul Captives ft. Liz & Kolle of Strange Manor

I saw The Soul Captives on Monday night. During one song, our friends joined the band on stage to sing back ups. I shot a little video. This is my first YouTube video, too.

The sound is a little rough and distorted, ’cause I took it with my little Kodak EasyShare piece ‘o crap camera, but it’s not too too bad.

I took a bunch pictures, too.

Hello Jell-O

My friends in The Phenomenauts camp had a Jell-O shot cook off last night.   Everyone brought different flavors of shots.  I made Fuzzy navel flavored.  

I want everyone to like me all the time, and so by extension I wanted everyone to like my shots.  It never occurred to me to make something unpleasant.  Of course, my friends are different.  There were Spam and Pineapple, Clam, and Lemon Chicken shots.    I didn’t try them.    

It was a good party, and it ended with me being one of the last to leave.  I was hanging out with the girls giggling about all the goofiest stuff.  The gerbil laugh happened quite a bit.    

I didn’t get too drunk, just a little buzzed.  It was cool to hang out and be a little silly.    It wasn’t a wild and crazy night.   Just hanging out.  I met a few new people, and got to know some other people a lot better.  

And the girls and I had a morning after brunch. 

Now I’m just being sluglike.   

Carrying on the Crazy

I think that to say that I overdid it a little this weekend would be an exceptional under statement. I’ve been nursing a serious yucky feeling and a headache all day. I needed to drop off the face of the planet, and the planet obliged. I’ve been in extreme hermit mode all day.

This all started on Friday. I had my birthday get together at Albatross Pub. Things got off to an hectic beginning, and I was pretty late. Once we settled in, everything was pretty cool. The turnout was much better than I had expected. I have a history of terrible birthdays, and usually there’s only one or two people who show up. It was cool to have so many of my worlds collide. My oldest friend in the world, with my some of my newest, bandmates and friends in bands, theater folk, college friends, and former roommate. Many rounds of beer and cocktails were shared. I got some really cool gifts that weren’t expected at all. I even got a chance to show off just how poorly I play pool.

So after all that, I got up early the next morning, feeling like crap, and got myself dressed and over to the Command Center. The Phenomenauts were playing at Live 105’s BFD, which is one of those day long, multiple bands on multiple stages, radio festival concerts. It was a very long day. A long, sunny day. I managed by to avoid getting burnt. I reapplied the sunblock at least six times. Oh, and we were drinking from the moment we got there at around 10:30 in the morning. Drinking beer in the sun. And not eating enough, because the food was ridiculously priced. But The ‘Nauts put on a helluva show on the Local Band Stage, and I got to see something I never thought I would – Cypress Hill live.

So, yeah, I needed to do nothing today, and today I did nothing. I watched a lot of crap on TV. A lot. I also watched the Giants’ game. I napped. Oh, and I watched the last 20 minutes of “Coyote Ugly”.

And my head still hurts. I should probably drink another gallon of water before I go to bed. I should probably go to bed.

Maybe it was too much fun, but I doubt it. It was just a whole lotta fun, and a whole lotta beer.

Just sayin’.