That Wedding I was In

Here’s a photo of the bride and myself at the wedding.  

Brandi and me
Queen B and me


It was a nice wedding, outdoors in South Lake Tahoe.   It was perfect weather, sunny and warm.  I had on sunblock, which is good, because my back was in direct sunlight throughout the ceremony.   Queen B (not that B, her name starts with a B) and I have been friends since we were both three years old.  My parents moved into the the house next door to her parents.   My folks lived in that house for 26 years.    Her parents are still in the same house.  We say that we are more like family then friends, because we just don’t have that much in common, other than the whole history of our childhood.   

When you’re in a wedding, lots of people take lots of pictures of you.   This is from the first batch I’ve seen.  I’m positive that there are more.  If there’s any more good ones, I’ll post them.   What do you think of that dress?

1st Annual Lolympics!

Yesterday, Lo’ decided to celebrate her birthday in an unusual way.  She had her own “athletic” games.   Some of the contests included Staring, Rochambeau, Hula-Hoop, Knockout, 3-Legged-Race, Limbo, etc.   I won a bronze medal for Breath Holding.   There was a medal ceremony for each event, and we were allowed to chose our own anthems to be played when a gold was awarded.

It was good times, with good people and good food.  I was honored to be able to compete.

I took a lot of photos.  Click to enlarge:

Cool Picture of the Day 1

I was really pleased with the picture of the rose that I posted yesterday.  I started looking through some other pictures I’ve taken, and I decided to do a short series of pictures that I have taken that I really like.

Here’s today’s entry, taken last fall at the botanical gardens at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.