Crazy Single Girl Life – Holiday Wrap-Up

Let’s start at the ending, or the new beginning as it were.  It’s a new year, and yes, I’m single.   Still.   (I hate the word ‘still’.)    No one even attempted to kiss me at midnight.   I blame a horrific breakout and an unfortunate lei for that.


Anyway, I spent the evening at Slim’s seeing The Slackers, The Impalers, and The Struts.   And really, what better way to ring in a new year than with some favorite bands and favorite friends, like Clam, who showed up as unannounced as always.


I am very thankful that 2008 is behind me, and I know there’s not truly much difference between a couple of days ago and today, yet it feels like a huge page in the book has been turned, and I’m very much looking forward to the next chapter of life.

So far, 2009 is starting with the band still looking for a singer, but still charging onward.  I’ve joined a soccer team, and games start next week.   I’m still at the same job I’ve been at since June, and I love it.   And the biggest shock of all, I’m still in the same apartment.  It’s been well over a year, and I am showing no signs of moving.  Whew!   

Now, moving backwards, a few days before Xmas, I was extended an invitation from my Aunties and cousins to join them in Las Vegas for the holiday.   I decided this was the perfect opportunity for one last road trip for 2008.   I sort of got so excited that I forgot about one thing – mountains.  There are mountains between here and there, and where there are mountains, in the winter, there’s bound to be snow.



So I learned really quickly how to drive in the snow, and eventually arrived safe and sound in The City of Sin.  It wasn’t a very sinful trip, considering how I was with the fam, but I liked it just fine.  I walked just about everywhere and drank too much.  In fact, I was so parched by the time I left that I decided to give up drinking when I got back for at least a bit.   I only had a small amount of champers at midnight on NYE. 

The highlight of Vegas for me was sitting in the dueling piano bar in the Paris hotel.   If you’re in town, looking for a break from the gambling and the bustle, I say it’s a great way to spend an evening.

But, of course, it’s not Xmas without the Strange Manor gang, and I spent the evening with them before heading out of town.   They had their usual party with gift exchange, good company, food, and drinks.

And of course, there were a pair of ska and reggae shows the weekend before the holiday, The Aggrolites with The Impalers and Hepcat with The Soul Captives.  


The Aggrolites
The Aggrolites



The Soul Captives
The Soul Captives

Overall, it was a brilliant Holiday season, and I’m mostly pleased with it, but I am equally pleased that it’s over.   I’m ready for brand new Crazy Single Girl Adventures!



Onward & Upward!  Science & Honor!

Here’s to you, 2009.   Don’t let me down.

Crazy Single Girl Life – Let the Holidays Begin! The Struts at The Stork

Last Thursday, I kicked off the marathon of Holiday Festiveness!   The Struts were playing at a local dive, The Stork Club.   I picked up Kayphore, and we skipped off to the club, dodging cat calls along on the way.   (“You both know you’re damn sexy!”  YES!  Of course we do.)  We got there, bellied up to the bar to have a libation while the opening band warmed things up.

I was really hoping that Agent 99 and all her roommates would show up, and they did!!!   Also,  she brought us Strange Manor Christmas Volume 3 CDs.   I jumped up and down and shrieked at the top of my lungs in the middle of that bar and everyone, and I do mean Everyone, turned and stared at me.  I didn’t care.   I love those CDs.   They pretty much make the holidays for me.   

Anyway, soon The Struts took the stage.  I danced my ass off, and took some pictures, too.


We were having a blast; The Struts always put on a great show, and never fail to get me dancing.  When the band was done, Kayphore and I decided we should bail.  We didn’t want to stick around to see how dumb things could get.

“This party is Awesome.   Let’s get The Fuck outta here!”

That was a great way to kickoff the holiday shenanigans, dancing with good friends, and many giggles amongst the girls.   

Just sayin’.

1st Annual Lolympics!

Yesterday, Lo’ decided to celebrate her birthday in an unusual way.  She had her own “athletic” games.   Some of the contests included Staring, Rochambeau, Hula-Hoop, Knockout, 3-Legged-Race, Limbo, etc.   I won a bronze medal for Breath Holding.   There was a medal ceremony for each event, and we were allowed to chose our own anthems to be played when a gold was awarded.

It was good times, with good people and good food.  I was honored to be able to compete.

I took a lot of photos.  Click to enlarge:

Jiminy Christmas

It’s a first. I finished with all Christmas shopping well in advance. Not only am I done buying it, but last night I wrapped it all.   I am way, way, way ahead of schedule.  There was  a time in life when I waited until the night before or Christmas morning to wrap the presents.   Usually this involved a beer or cocktail.   It was a ritual of sorts.

Of course, I only buy for four people. To the rest of the world, my gift to them is that they don’t have to bother with a gift for me. I think it’s a very equitable arrangement. I’m one less person that you have to buy for. That’s nice, isn’t it?

One of the other things I have to do to prepare is finish “the letter.” I started writing one of those year in review newsletters to include in cards to the family about five or six years ago. It was a joke, but it turns out that my family actually likes to get it. The one year I didn’t write it, my Great Aunt Imogene complained. She was actually pissed. Well, Aunt Genie has passed away, but knowing that she would have been hopping mad if I didn’t write it, I feel like it’s a tradition that I have to continue.   This year’s version came out quite snarky, so I may have to rewrite it.

So, Christmas Eve you’ll find me at Strange Manor, as always.   There will be dozens of friends, a gift exchange gamey thing, Rock Star the video game, maybe some karaoke.   (It’s my personal goal that my gift will be the most fought over in the exchange/steal game, but it never is.)   It’ll be good times.   Those crazy kids put out Volume 2 of their holiday CD, and I have to say, Mr. V-Rock blew me away.  Who knew that kid could sing?

Christmas Day, I’ll be hopping on a plane and floating off to Washington (state not district) to hang with the parents for a week.  It’ll be good to get away, and frankly, to be fed by my mother in a way that only a youngest child can be.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m still working my after school, holiday, part-time, retail, mall job at FYE?   Good times.   I actually yelled at a couple of little kids last weekend.     I may not be Santa, but I know naughty when I see it!

Just sayin’.