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Pandora – 4th of July Station

PLW’s Independence Day Radio Pandora Station!

Yes, it is hokey; what of it?  

I hope everyone had a good one.


Pandora Station of the Day – May the 4th be With You!

PLW’s Star Wars Day Radio Pandora Station!

Yes, it is the worst pun ever.  What of it?

Favorite Pandora Station of the Moment – Dec 5

PLW’s Rockin’ Women Radio Pandora Station of the Day!

Getting back into my blogging habits, and trying to post these more regularly.   This station started out as a Go-Gos station.  It’s mostly pop punk with female vocals, with a side of Cyndi Lauper.   As with all Pandora stations, it’s a work in progress.  I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on this over the last couple of days, and I feel like I’ve got it moving in the right direction.   


Beautiful Stuff

Here’s some pretty to freshen up your day, The Cat Empire.

And here’s my Cat Empire station from Pandora – The Cat Empire Radio.   That station has been playing an excellent selection of tunes all day, including a new favorite, “Kate” by Ben Folds Five.


You Wanna Listen – Aug 12

PLW’s Crush Radio Pandora Station of the Day!

I haven’t posted one of these lately, but I just made this new station of songs I loved when I was about 10, and first started having crushes on boys. It’s heavy on Freestyle.

Let me know what you think of this one! Also, post some of your stations in the comments. (Lemme know if you don’t know how to do that.)

You Wanna Listen – July 21

PLW’s Pandora Station of the Day!

You Wanna Listen – July 17

PLW’s Pandora Station of the Day!

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