Favorite Pandora Station of the Moment – Dec 5

PLW’s Rockin’ Women Radio Pandora Station of the Day!

Getting back into my blogging habits, and trying to post these more regularly.   This station started out as a Go-Gos station.  It’s mostly pop punk with female vocals, with a side of Cyndi Lauper.   As with all Pandora stations, it’s a work in progress.  I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on this over the last couple of days, and I feel like I’ve got it moving in the right direction.   


I Don’t Think So, Upstart

So, you know that I love Pandora, right? I love that you can go onto the site, enter the name of an artist you love, and within moments be listening to your very radio station based on your own taste. I love that that radio station will introduce you to new bands that you’ve never even heard of, and maybe your friends have never heard of either. Then, as I have done on this blog on several occasions, you can share your stations with the world. What’s not to freaking love?

And did I mention the sweet iPhone application that makes it possible to listen to it anywhere you go that has wi-fi or cell reception? Better reception than XM for sure?

The genius of the thing is how it works. You see, every song in the Pandora library has been analyzed by a musician. Hundreds of musical attributes are taken into consideration when matching and suggesting songs. And it constantly learns from your feedback.

Well, this week I learned about a new site, called NuTsie.com. They also claim that they can introduce you to new music based on bands that you like. They’ll also allow you to upload stuff from your iTunes so that you can listen to it on any computer, which is kind of cool, but you have to download some software to make that work, and I don’t like that one bit.

By the way, their VP of Business Development was a founding member of The Presidents of the United States of America, which is a decent band.

But they’re a little cocky. They’ve apparently issued a challenge, saying that they want every Pandora user to go to their site and use it and then vote on which is better, Pandora or Nutsie.

They also issued this obnoxious press release, stating ““The Music Genome Project sounds cool in theory but I trust my friends and fellow music fans to help me find new music more than I trust some geek in a cubicle.” Um, excuse me? Some geek? THEY’RE FREAKING TRAINED MUSICIANS!!!!!

OK, calming down now.

Anyway, so I went to the site. I futzed around with it a little bit. And it made me think of David Letterman a little bit.

Top 10 Reasons Why Nutsie is in No Way Better than Pandora!

Deal’s Gone Bad
The A.K.A.s
Go Jimmy Go
The Phenomenauts
The Aggrolites
Nellie McKay
Two Gallants
Westbound Train
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

These are ten artists that I based stations on Pandora around that I could not find on NuTsie. And they’re not just any ten artists. They’re some of my favorite artists. They’re some of my favorite people, too.

So nice try NuTsie, but Pandora rules, and you simply drools!

You Wanna Listen – Aug 12

PLW’s Crush Radio Pandora Station of the Day!

I haven’t posted one of these lately, but I just made this new station of songs I loved when I was about 10, and first started having crushes on boys. It’s heavy on Freestyle.

Let me know what you think of this one! Also, post some of your stations in the comments. (Lemme know if you don’t know how to do that.)