Corporate Debate Rages On

Today, my co-workers and I, from three separate offices, had an exhaustive debate over a critical matter. Then I dragged some friends into the discussion. All across the internet, associates and acquaintances both personal and professional asked that most vital question:

Who’s hotter?




Don’t give me any of this, ‘they’re the same guy’ bullshit!

Han Solo has the more stroke-able hair, and much more of a bad boy appeal.  He hangs out in the gnarliest dive bars in the galaxy.   Han clearly has the sexiest ride ever, the Millennium Falcon.

Indiana Jones is a little older, highly educated (PhD), scruffier, dirtier, and let’s face it, he’s got a nicer arms. Also, there’s the bull whip.

Han Solo stuck it to the Evil Empire, and I don’t mean Starschmucks. Indiana Jones opened up a can of whoop ark on some Nazis.

Indy’s daddy is pretty smokin’, but Han’s best friend is a Wookiee.

Han wears tighter pants; Indy’s got that hat.

It’s nearly impossible for me to choose.

Care to weigh in?