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Note to My Boss

Dear Jerk,

I am on a break.   I know that I’m at my desk, and not in the break room.   I don’t feel like sitting in the break area, because, as cold as it can get at my desk, it’s even colder in the “kitchen”.

You can tell that I’m on a break, however, because there is food on my desk, and my blog is unabashedly open on my computer screen.   Since you’ve declared that I must only check my personal email and my blog when I’m on a designated break, I am multi-tasking, both chewing and typing at the same time.

Now is not the appropriate time to come over, lay some work on my desk, and start a discussion about it.   It’s definitely not a good time to pull me into a conversation with our co-worker who shares my cube wall about what you want me to do.   I have food in my mouth.

Also, if you eat into my eating time, does that mean I get to blog as I please at other times?

Please remove yourself from my desk area, while I am attempting to digest.

Corporate Minion Extraordinaire.

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The lunacy that is my job.

My boss has a comb-over.

‘Nough said.

Pain sucks

Okay, I know I complain about my job a bit, but here’s the deal: it’s now causing me physical pain.   As a result of not having a very good chair or desk, I have some pinched nerve stuff happening.   My whole right arm is either in pain or is tingling or going numb.    I’m having trouble feeling the tip of my pinkie.    It sucks most because I am right handed.   My arm feels like it’s dying.

See, this is the thing about my boss.   He doesn’t realize that when you ask people to work overtime and to do too much, they’re more likely to hurt themselves.   So now, there’s a real likelyhood of me being on worker’s comp.   Who’s going to balance the petty cash then, hhmmm?

Oh, plus I got a really nice compliment yesterday from one of our partners, and when I brought it up to him, he said, “oh yeah, I saw that.”  That’s it.  No kudos.   No cookie for a job well done.

I hate it here.

I hate this F’ing S’

    So, I finally bite the bullet, and call the doctor to get an appointment.   I’m pretty sure I have bronchitis at this point.  I am quite visibly and audibly very sick.   They have an appointment at 4:15, which I take right away.   So, then I go to tell my boss that I’m going to leave at 3:30.   Mind you, I worked nine and a quarter hours yesterday, and over forty hours last week.   He asks me to request the time off through the tracking system, so they can doc my pay for two hours.   So I say that I’d like to do some work from home this evening to make up for the fact that I’m leaving a little early, and he says that he doesn’t think that I have enough work to do to be able to work for two hours from home.  Right.  If I don’t have enough work, then why am I working over forty hours every week?

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More stupidity

From the guy who brought you “petty cash isn’t for little expenses”:

Apparently this: >5%

reads as “less than five percent”

And he’s an accountant. I thought they were supposed to be good at math? I mean, I can almost forgive his poor grammar and sub-par vocabulary, but come on! That is truly ludicrous.

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