Note to My Boss

Dear Jerk,

I am on a break.   I know that I’m at my desk, and not in the break room.   I don’t feel like sitting in the break area, because, as cold as it can get at my desk, it’s even colder in the “kitchen”.

You can tell that I’m on a break, however, because there is food on my desk, and my blog is unabashedly open on my computer screen.   Since you’ve declared that I must only check my personal email and my blog when I’m on a designated break, I am multi-tasking, both chewing and typing at the same time.

Now is not the appropriate time to come over, lay some work on my desk, and start a discussion about it.   It’s definitely not a good time to pull me into a conversation with our co-worker who shares my cube wall about what you want me to do.   I have food in my mouth.

Also, if you eat into my eating time, does that mean I get to blog as I please at other times?

Please remove yourself from my desk area, while I am attempting to digest.

Corporate Minion Extraordinaire.

Current mood: pessimistic

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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