Today, someone was praising me for being so low maintenance, particularly in regards to my hair.

That’s the most ridiculous thing that I have heard this year.  

I am anything but low maintenance when it comes to my hair, really.    I spend an obscene amount of money on my hair.   Obscene!    My hairdresser is not cheap.   No SuperCuts for me.    No.   I go see Dave, Mr. Wonder-Hair-Dude.   Cut and color every eight weeks.   Don’t even get me started on product.    Next month, Dave’s going to pick me up a new hair dryer, $80 wholesale.   I also spend an inordinate amount of time “doing” my hair.   When you add up washing, conditioning, drying, ironing, clipping, tying, braiding, and what not.   Also, you can’t forget the time I spend futzing: the readjusting, re-tying, smoothing, pulling, twisting, tucking, etc.    Does that sound low maintenance to you?

So, yeah, this guy starts going off about how great he thinks  it is that I left the house without doing anything to my hair.     And I’m floored!

After all is said and done, all of that is apparently for naught, and  I still walk out the door looking unkempt.

Why even bother with bathing?

Current mood: annoyed