Slackerist Slacker

I am the slackerist slacker in all of blog-ville.    There used to be a time when every few hours I would think to myself, that would make for an interesting story for the blog.   That time was last year, apparently.   Seriously.    And it’s not just the blog.  I just opened my journal, and I haven’t written anything in that thing in over a year.

Of course, every time I get on here I start blah blah blahing about how I’m going to write more, and how I have a good one I’ve thought of that I’ll work on just as soon as I have time.  Of course I’ve forgotten all those good ideas.   Of course.   So here we are, quickly approaching the end of another year, and I have even less to show for it than I did last year.   Gah!

So, if you’re wondering at all, I’m over here doing my thing, working, hanging out with my friends, going to shows, and pretending to be a musician.

Oh, and my camera broke, so I can’t even take any interesting pictures, but here’s one someone took of me from Halloween.

Bitchy Frigid Ice Princess Zombie

I was an Ice Princess.   And since I went to The Phenomenauts’ Zombie Party, I was a Zombie Ice Princess.    I came up with a pretty elaborate story about how I was the Princess Winter who pined only for one Prince who wouldn’t have her.   After years of pining, she became increasingly more and more frigid and bitter until my pining was replaced with a lust for human brains.

Plus, I got to reuse that bridesmaid dress.  Win!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. . . . and as for the rest, well you know.. . .


Just sayin’.

Crazy Single Girl Life – Zombie Party Edition

This last week, The Phenomenauts hosted their annual Zombie Party.   It’s usually my favorite night of the year.   I’ve been going for years.  The party is always around Halloween, but not on the actual evening of Halloween.   The thought is that you would zombie-fy your Halloween costume, or come up with a unique zombie costume.  I’ve been Zombie Statue of Liberty, Zombie Tinkerbell, Zombie Frog Prince, Zombie Lounge Singer, and this year, Zombie Peabody.

It was a lot of fun, going on my own, not a half of a pair.  For one thing, I was able to come up with a really funny costume, dressing up as Peabody.   Also, I got to stay well beyond the bitter end.  

There was much fun, much drinking, much music, much dancing, and much good times.  Oh, and I took A LOT of pictures.

Pissing My Life Away

I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing today.  I watched some of the Olympics, and some bits of movies, all in between napping, and goofing off on the internet.  Right now I’m just watching a little bit of the Giants game.   I’m not really planning on leaving my apartment any time tonight, either.   I’m just gonna keep being a lazy hermit.   It’s pretty likely that I’ll spend the rest of my evening looking up stuff like this on YouTube –

(YouTube is shutting me down, but go to this link – Phenomenauts Interview


I went and saw The Phenomenauts in the Sacramento area last night.  it was a pretty late night, and I crashed at a friend’s after, so maybe that’s why I am feeling so lazy today.  It was totally worth it, as The Phenomenauts are badass.  I hope some day to be half as bad ass as those guys.  They’re joined on their current tour by Vic Ruggiero performing solo and Kepi Ghoulie and his band.    

I actually did one useful thing today, which was order the dress I will be wearing as the maid of honor in a  wedding.  Yeah, you heard that right.   I’m sure I’ll have pictures of me in this dress.  So I’m not going to say much about that.

Rarities and B-Sides

Life’s had some pleasant and unexpected moments and plot twists lately.   


  • Today, I met a no shit, real deal Olympian, Women’s table tennis team member Jackie Lee!!
  • Sunday, I had some barbecue with a no shit New York musician/poet/genius.
Life can’t be bad, can it?  Hanging out with athletes and poets.  Who would have ever thunk it.   Other fun stuff from the weekend included Joebot Twopointoh’s farewell show with The Phenomenauts.   He will be missed, but sometimes we all just have to move along.  Also went to Mama Bear’s baby shower, which I helped to plan.  
All in all, over the last few days, there’s been a lot of stuff going on that’s at least a little unusual, or once in a lifetime type experiences.  

Carrying on the Crazy

I think that to say that I overdid it a little this weekend would be an exceptional under statement. I’ve been nursing a serious yucky feeling and a headache all day. I needed to drop off the face of the planet, and the planet obliged. I’ve been in extreme hermit mode all day.

This all started on Friday. I had my birthday get together at Albatross Pub. Things got off to an hectic beginning, and I was pretty late. Once we settled in, everything was pretty cool. The turnout was much better than I had expected. I have a history of terrible birthdays, and usually there’s only one or two people who show up. It was cool to have so many of my worlds collide. My oldest friend in the world, with my some of my newest, bandmates and friends in bands, theater folk, college friends, and former roommate. Many rounds of beer and cocktails were shared. I got some really cool gifts that weren’t expected at all. I even got a chance to show off just how poorly I play pool.

So after all that, I got up early the next morning, feeling like crap, and got myself dressed and over to the Command Center. The Phenomenauts were playing at Live 105’s BFD, which is one of those day long, multiple bands on multiple stages, radio festival concerts. It was a very long day. A long, sunny day. I managed by to avoid getting burnt. I reapplied the sunblock at least six times. Oh, and we were drinking from the moment we got there at around 10:30 in the morning. Drinking beer in the sun. And not eating enough, because the food was ridiculously priced. But The ‘Nauts put on a helluva show on the Local Band Stage, and I got to see something I never thought I would – Cypress Hill live.

So, yeah, I needed to do nothing today, and today I did nothing. I watched a lot of crap on TV. A lot. I also watched the Giants’ game. I napped. Oh, and I watched the last 20 minutes of “Coyote Ugly”.

And my head still hurts. I should probably drink another gallon of water before I go to bed. I should probably go to bed.

Maybe it was too much fun, but I doubt it. It was just a whole lotta fun, and a whole lotta beer.

Just sayin’.

New Phenomenauts Video on YouTube

I love this new video for the song “Infinite Frontier.”

From MySpace:

The Phenomenauts have teamed up with Emmy Award-winning animation writer RICH FOGEL (Justice League, Batman Beyond, Transformers: Animated) to produce INFINITE FRONTIER, an animated music video based on the song from their new album FOR ALL MANKIND.

It’s great when one of your favorite bands are also some of your greatest friends.  I hope some day

I am very proud of these guys, and happy to call them friends.

Phenomenauts’ CD Release Party – March 29th

What do you need most when life gives you the finger? Friends. And if those friends happen to be the best intergalactic rock and rollers and their cadets, well even better!

Maldroid opened the show. I tried to get some good shots of them. Tried is the operative word here.


They get better every time I see them. I just got their new self titled album last night. I have been enjoying it and The Phenomenauts’ “For All Man Kind” all morning.

Next up were The Lovemakers. I don’t know any of them. They were less than inspiring. I didn’t take any pictures.





I did my best to help get the chant started and then they took the stage.


I love the new opening.

Commander Angel

Angel Nova

I love this trippy red shot.

Red Phenomenauts


I didn’t get any good shots of Joebot, but I bet Agent 99 did.

Agent 99 Shooting


It was a great show. The bands were good, the club was packed. But most of all, it was good to be with friends, making new friends, and celebrating the success of some hardworking guys and everyone who’s behind them.


Science and Honor!

And People.