Why Is It?

Why is it that I only write blogs when I can’t sleep?    Seriously.    And maybe if I just went ahead and wrote more blogs, well, then maybe I’d sleep better.     Like not having written this is what’s the problem to begin with.   I don’t necessarily believe that, because there are plenty of times that I have sat down to do this, and in the process of writing something, it all just sort of opens up more bags of worms, more questions that aren’t going to be answered tonight, and added fuel to the flame of my overactive imagination.

Once again I’ve become a lax blogger, and I’m not even going to try to make some excuse or say that I’m going to turn over a new leaf.   You could be reading this now, and there’s no guarantee that I’ll have anything more to write for another three months.   But who knows, maybe tomorrow…..

But the fact remains, my life is kinda dull right now.  Basically all I had going for me there for quite some time as a source of material was that monstrous crush.    That is thankfully finally behind me.    I mean, don’t get my wrong, I appreciate it for the creative wealth that it was, but at the end of the day, the agony of the thing wasn’t worth it.   A girl can only take so many mixed messages, you know, and there’s only so long that you can hold on to some kind of unreasonable hope.     Thankfully, one day, he did something absolutely maddening to the point of being the most unattractive thing I’ve ever seen, and that was that.     I send him on his way, wish him well, and count my blessings.    (“Yes.  Go, go.   I would not wish you back again.”)

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is ….”NEXT”.    I sort of am ready for something else to be going on in my life.   I want to have some ridiculous thing to write about that hopefully when you read about it will make you unsure of whether to laugh or not.    Some ridiculous sort of thing that I could go on about for a while, work myself into some silly rant about, and at the end of it all, come to the conclusion that I’m “just sayin'”.

Right now, well, I got nothing… well, maybe not nothing, but definitely nothing amusingly anecdotal to unleash in this forum.   All I’ve got is some flashes in my head of where I’d rather be or what I’d rather be doing.    And a whole lot of long hard work, that while boring as shit, I have to admit is deeply satisfying.

So, that’s that, and so I conclude without nearly my regular amount of enthusiasm –

Just sayin’.

Introducing . . . Me

Yesterday may have been all fun and games, but today was all business at my job . . . kind of.    

It was one of those things where they bring together the folks from all over the country to sit in a depressing room and listen to a lot of talking.   I tried really hard to not fall asleep.    I did kind of nod off for a second, until my boss was kind enough to kick me. 

However, we started the day off with the traditional turn around the room where all the new people who are new since the last dreary meeting have to introduce themselves.    Oh joy.   

Since I knew this was coming, and I didn’t want to be boring, or yammer on for too long, I decided to tell my co-workers about my true nature.

I told them that I am, in fact, a cyborg.   I explained that my robotic parts did not give me super strength like the bionic woman, but made me super sarcastic instead.  I told them I had Go-Go Gadget Dry Humor.   

I also told them how I had run a systems analysis diagnostic scan and realized that working at my old company did not rock, and so I came to work at the new place.  

They actually applauded, and I was shocked when a few people complimented me on the introduction later in the day.  

My objective was to let everyone know two things – 1) I’m a gigantic nerd -and- 2) To not take me too seriously.  I think I was successful.

Just sayin’.

My Kind of Nine to Five

So, this morning I went in to work as usual, but at noon, the entire office boarded buses to go to a bowling alley.   It was time for the semi-annual bowling party.  

And they went all out.   The afternoon started with all the best bowling alley junk food.  There was pizza, nachos, fries, onion rings, and pizza.  Also some other stuff that I don’t eat.   Oh, and I had Hawaiian Punch.  Yum.   I love junk food.    I was in hog heaven.  I dipped my onion rings in nacho cheese.  It’s like that. 

Oh, and an open bar.   Now, I’d been having plenty of drinks over the weekend, so I was pretty over the whole idea of booze.   But I did have a few beers.  

Then the bowling got under way, and it was extreme bowling with music, black lights, and disco balls.   We played for hours.   It was a lot of fun, and my only complaint was that it was hot in the building.   I was really pretty exhausted by the time we left there.  

Exhausted and full.   I wasn’t even buzzed from the beers I drank, but I think it just added to my tremendously over stuffed feeling.   I know that this hasn’t done anything to curb my lust for grease and garbage, but it might be a few days before I go there again.

And tonight, I wasn’t even all that hungry, but I made dinner, just because I felt I had to eat something that wasn’t crap.   Beans and rice with some mixed veggies.   

So, I guess what I’m really saying is that bowling is fun, but onion rings are funner.

What Am I Doing?

It’s after midnight.  I think I have what could be the seedlings of a sinus infection.  I’ve irrigated said sinuses twice already, and taken some meds, too.   So what the hell am I doing up?

I’m working.  That’s what I’m doing.  Why?  I dunno.  Maybe because there’s a lot of work to do.  My boss is on vacation.   So that pretty much means it’s just me.  And I have an extreme work ethic.

Plus, this is a very complicated campaign I’m putting together.  (I work in advertising; did I ever mention that?)   So, it’s kind of aggravating in a really fun way.     Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that enjoys being challenged.

But if I’m not done here in the next hour, that’s it!

I do have my limits.

Googly Googly

I had to go to Google’s San Francisco office for some training today.   I had never been there before, but it’s around the corner from my old office at TACODA.   It was kind of weird to get up this morning, and commute to that neighborhood again.  It also drove home just how much nicer it is to be in Oakland living and working in Oakland.    

So, you may have heard about some of the infamous perks of working for Google.   Most notably there’s the cafeteria.   I had lunch in that cafeteria today, and I have to confirm that it is very nice.   They had a wide variety of foods.  I only took advantage of about half of it.   There were a lot of options for veggies like me.  I saw a laundry drop box, and although I didn’t really get a close look or a chance to ask anyone about it, I would assume that this means that they’ll do your shirts for you.   They also have a well stocked kitchen with snacks and every kind of beverage you could imagine.

Other “amenities” I just thought were weird.   Of course, I’m talking about their bathroom.   The toilets have heated seats.   And I’m not just talking about slightly warmed seats.   They were hot!   They also had bidets.   Adjustable bidets with air dryers apparently.  I say apparently, because I didn’t actually try out the bidets.   I have never used a bidet, and I just wasn’t feeling too adventurous in the public restroom in the Google office.  I didn’t want to be playing around and end up soaking myself, or making a mess.   They also had a full shower, and there was a hair dryer and brush on the sink.    I couldn’t imagine taking a shower at work.  

I’ve been led to believe that the reason why Google offers all of this stuff is to distract you so that you don’t realize that you have no life/work balance.   Of course there’s a shower there, because you live there.    You don’t pay for lunch, but then again, you don’t leave for an hour for a lunch break.   You don’t really need to leave all day.    Of course, I’ve never worked for them, and shockingly I don’t know anybody else who does either, but that’s the industry rumor.  

I’m not the slightest bit envious, though.   I’ll stick with my office in Oakland with the frightening elevator that’s walking distance* to Ta-Ke over Google any day, bidet and all.


*PeggyLuWho’s idea of what is within walking distance is a lot further than the average persons.

Last Day

Today is my last day at my current job.  My new job starts Monday.

I’ve got a mixture of feelings about this.  I was really hoping to stay with this job for a while, and I’ve been very pleased with the folks I work with.  They drive me insane every once in a while, but usually in a way that ends up being amusing in the long run.

But ever since the Huge Corporation that bought us started making all these changes a few months back, it just hasn’t been the same.  They managed to kill the spirit of the original company, I think.

So, when I was offered the new opportunity, so close to home and working with friends, it was an obvious choice.  I am very excited about this job, and this new company seems like it will be an excellent fit.  I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with music.   Anyway, this is the right choice, and I’m headed on the right path.

But it’s still hard to say goodbye, you know.

Brain Dead This Morning

I couldn’t seem to pull my head out of my ass this morning.   I woke up, and hit the snooze about three times.  Then I just couldn’t get my brain into gear.  I sat on the couch and ate, which is not normal.  I’m normally a cereal-over-the-sink kind of gal.  Of course, since I sat down, I turned on the news, and then I was looking up and realizing I had just twenty minutes to get out the door.

I didn’t make it in twenty.  I didn’t even make it in thirty.   I took a shower last night, so I skipped it this morning, but by the time I washed my face, slapped on some make-up, brushed my teeth, and slapped some Fudge around in my hair, it was quarter after eight, and I was late.

So, in my haste to get out the door, I somehow managed to leave behind both my cell phone and my security badge.  I’m sure I’m missing the best phone calls of my life right now.   Or at least some flirty crazy single girl text messages.   I hate this feeling of separation anxiety.  I hate feeling like I could be missing anything.   Especially if it could be fun.

That’s why I’m always the last to leave a party, because I wouldn’t ever want to miss any of the fun.

Really Big Change

I have a new job, which I will be starting in about two and a half weeks.   I had to give my current job two weeks notice.    This new job is going to be very cool; I’m convinced.

I’m sure this will lead to lots of jokes within my extended family.  Last time I called my uncle, the first thing he did was go through this list of questions, “Did you move?  New job?  New boyfriend?”

Yeah. Yeah.

Anyway, the new job is in Oakland, very close to home.  I’ll no longer have to commute into the fog, and I’ll no longer be taking the casual carpool.   That’s too bad, because I’ve had some interesting and entertaining times with casual carpool.

Anyway, it’s the same type of work that I’ll be doing in online advertising.  However, the new company is not a Huge Corporation.

I’ll update again once I start the new job.   Things for me are changing a lot right now, but it’s mostly good stuff.

Conference Calls = EVIL

All conference calls are evil, especially conference calls with WebEx.   All meetings are evil.  That’s just the way it is.

But you know what’s worse, when you’re starving and you’re in some stupid meeting or on some conference call.   Like I am right now.  I am ravenously hungry, and I want a burrito.

Of course, I mention this via IM to my Alli, who’s also on the call, and she starts sending me links to stuff like this:


Not cool, ALLI!!!!!!  Now I’m twice as hungry.   I’m mad with lust for this guacamole.

I’m about to start crying.