CSGL – 30 Days of Summer

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a narrator.   This voice in my head that tells me what’s happening to me, usually in real time.  (Is it just me?)   Most frequently the voice mimics Jane Austen.    One too many re-treads through Mansfield Park, I think, did me in.    However, the voice does shift from time to time from different influences.   A book I’m reading, a song I like, or a movie I’m watching.   Or, perhaps, the kinds of movies I’ve been watching.

Being as I am spoiled digital rotten, I have a Netflix account with a full DVD and Instant Watch queue.   Lately I’ve been trying to make my way through all the films that were nominated for Oscars that I never did get around to actually going out and seeing.   Also, I’ve sort of become obsessed with documentaries, because you have no idea how much stuff I don’t know.

So, I’ve been sitting here over the last few weeks – and by sitting here, I of course mean laying in my bed – watching lots of poignant shit.   All the while with this Object of Crush in my head  and all the ups, downs, and intrigues of a single girl’s life with single girl friends, and the well-intentioned but off-base remarks from male buds swimming in my overactive imagination.   Well, wouldn’t you know it, but that voice in my head, well it’s a mix of some sort of indie movie heroine and, well, Morgan Spurlock…you know, the guy from Super Size Me, except this is more like his television series 30 Days.

And it’s like there’s a hidden camera crew following me around for a month while I trip, stumble, start, sprint through my life, which though very mundane and not a very good plot for a movie, is somehow being turned into the next best thing since (500) Days of Summer.  (Similar sort of soundtrack, actually.)

But are you ready for the twist?   (There’s got to be a twist, right?)   In my indie-movie-life-documentary, my role….well, I’m certainly too clumsy to be the hip ingenue, aren’t I?    It’s like the bumbling sidekick suddenly became the focus of the film.

It’s totally whacky and zany.   It sure as shit ain’t gonna win an Oscar.   But maybe, just maybe, it could be a darling at Cannes.

Probably not though, I mean, shit the only thing that happens in this movie is the lead character lies in bed on a Tuesday night, while her friends are out bowling, and types on a laptop about the voice she hears in her head saying something like “For the Next 30 Days, PeggyLuWho will toil under the burden of infatuation and anxiety, lose sleep, write more numerous and self-deprecating, naval gazing blogs than she has in the last two years, while trying to keep up with the endless adventures of best mates.  Will she find true love and everlasting frienship?    Will she listen to Regina Spektor or The Shins or Vampire Weekend on her iPod tonight?”

Why does this all sound so much more lovely when it’s happening in my head than it does in black and white on my macbook screen?

Movies I Want To See

This could go down in history as one of my most random posts ever, but here’s a list of movies that are out or coming out soon that I want to see (in no particular order):

  • The Princess and The Frog
  • Avatar
  • Invictus
  • Precious
  • Good Hair
  • Nine
  • The Lovely Bones
  • Sherlock Holmes

Am I missing anything?

Also, I need to eat all the popcorn, because it is literally going out of style.   For me, at least.

Why Yes it Did

How do I know that ‘Juno’ came out on DVD today?   Because of the insane number of views I’ve gotten from people searching for “juno”  “juno movie”  “girl from juno movie” etc.  Note to Self – review more movies.

I might buy it.   Actually, I probably won’t.   Why not?  Because I have a whole stack of Netflix that have been sitting here for over a month, and still more DVDs that I bought at my after school job that are still in the wrapper.

I’ll probably buy it anyway.

And if you’re on the fence, I’d say, “Go for it!”

How I Knew

I know I’ve alternated between having my sights firmly fixed on my naval, and/or just gone all out and had my head up my bum for some time.  A Lot of Crap™ has snuck up on on me.   I have been shocked.   I have been startled.   I have been overcome.

But seriously, how did I not know?   How did I miss this?   How did I NOT SEE THIS COMING??????

I mean, I pretty much live for this geeky kind of shit.  How did I not hear about a live action version of Speed Racer coming to a theater near me until just yesterday?

There’s only one explanation.    There’s only way this could ever possibly happen (aside from the afore mentioned self-involvement brought on by terrible loss, grief, stress, and loneliness).    The only way this could be is that my NerdNetwork™ has let me down.

I’m looking at you, Mr. My-Mom-Reads-Your-Blog!!!!!    (Hi Mom!)

This is how I knew it had all gone too far, and I need to snap the hell out of it.

Movies With Stuff Blowing Up

I don’t normally go for action flicks so much. I do go for John Cusack, though. So, I may just go and see this one. It seems like a redux of his character from Grosse Pointe Blank, as he’s playing a hit man. His handler is even being played by sister Joan, again. And then there’s Hillary Duff, who I have a weird affinity for, even though I shouldn’t. Does it make it OK if I’m also drawn to Ben Kingsley, who also stars.

Anyway, the movie is called “War, Inc.” and it’s due in theaters this July.

Here’s the trailer.

Corporate Debate Rages On

Today, my co-workers and I, from three separate offices, had an exhaustive debate over a critical matter. Then I dragged some friends into the discussion. All across the internet, associates and acquaintances both personal and professional asked that most vital question:

Who’s hotter?




Don’t give me any of this, ‘they’re the same guy’ bullshit!

Han Solo has the more stroke-able hair, and much more of a bad boy appeal.  He hangs out in the gnarliest dive bars in the galaxy.   Han clearly has the sexiest ride ever, the Millennium Falcon.

Indiana Jones is a little older, highly educated (PhD), scruffier, dirtier, and let’s face it, he’s got a nicer arms. Also, there’s the bull whip.

Han Solo stuck it to the Evil Empire, and I don’t mean Starschmucks. Indiana Jones opened up a can of whoop ark on some Nazis.

Indy’s daddy is pretty smokin’, but Han’s best friend is a Wookiee.

Han wears tighter pants; Indy’s got that hat.

It’s nearly impossible for me to choose.

Care to weigh in?


Juno Movie Poster

I saw Juno on Friday night, and I really enjoyed it. It was full of witty one liners, and fellow movie-goers and myself laughed our way through the film.

If you’ve had your head under a rock, the movie is the story about a 16 year old girl, Juno, who finds herself pregnant. She first makes herself an appointment to “procure a hasty abortion” but backs out once she arrives at the clinic. (The feminist in me is biting her tongue, sparing you the diatribe about so many female characters in TV/movies deciding to have their babies, mostly without even considering an abortion. It’s an angle that’s been covered by better writers than me.) Juno decides to give up her baby for adoption to a couple she finds in the Penny Saver.

There were two things that I liked most about the movie, aside from the fact that it’s freaking riotously funny. First, I really liked what they did with the character of the adoptive mother, played by Jennifer Garner. At the beginning of the film, you’re not really meant to like her. She’s that stereotype of the humorless, kill-joy woman such as in Knocked Up, a controlling, obsessive-compulsive, shrew-like yuppie who is utterly condescending towards her husband. But in the end, they turn that whole awful opinion you have on her on its ear. She ends up being a character that you really do care about, in the end, and a heroine.

The other thing that I really liked about the movie is how they didn’t have that didn’t portray Juno as a victim. She’s not a poor hapless teenager. She’s not in a ridiculous relationship that she’s trying to force to work. She’s got the “cheese to [her] macaroni”. Juno isn’t walking about moping about the baby within that she won’t be raising. She’s walking about moping about a boy, and she wants to get the band back together. She’s not solely defined by the fact that she accidentally got pregnant.

So go see it. You’ll laugh. J4 teared up when the baby was born. (aaawwwww)


I’ve decided that Penguins are my new favorite animals.   Just watched March of the Penguins.   I’d give it more than two thumbs up, if I had more thumbs.   And I’m not just saying that because one of my companies promoted it, and the other one sells it.   Seriously, go buy it because it’s good, not because of my own need for job security.