I Had Myself a Visitor

I’m working from home today, post dental cleanliness.   This usually involves me setting up on the love seat with some kind of music playing.   I sometimes have my feet up on the coffee table, with my laptop, well, in my lap.  I have nodded off like this, though obviously not during normal office hours.   Obviously.

It’s a nice day out, so this morning I had opened the windows in the kitchenette.   Those windows are not fully visible from my little love seat office.    I was sitting her just now, looking at my open tasks, and trying to prioritize, and I heard a little noise.

At first I thought it was a sound effect in the song on my iPod. (Monster Pete and the Chiefs)   Then I thought it was coming from out of the window.   I looked up, and I saw her.

I really did hear a cat meowing!   And she was in my apartment.   And she was running under my bed.

She is obviously not a stray.  She has on a collar with a tag and she wasn’t the slightest bit shy.  In fact she made herself right at home on the love seat:

On the bed:

And, uh, ahem:

I figured she must have jumped in the window, though it’s pretty high up.   This was confirmed when I let her out and she did it a second time.   That time I saw her.  As much as I enjoyed the visit, though, she’s not mine, and I can’t keep her, so I let her out again.   This time I closed the windows a little more.

This confirms that I should own a cat.   I’m not allowed to have one here, but hopefully at my next place, they’ll allow it.  Obviously this little fuzzy one was drawn to me.

I just hope the squirrel doesn’t get the same idea.