Why I *Heart* Kayphore?

A few months ago, at BFD, I spent some time with Kayphore. I had been acquainted with her for over a year, but I’d never really gotten the chance to just hang out with her. Then I was left to my own devices that day, not really knowing the folks around me too well, and I ended up spending most of a day with her. It pretty much changed my life.

Here are all the reasons why she’s completely awesome:

  1. She ridiculously smart. A computer programmer by trade. She has a mind for numbers and all kinds of mathy goodness. I’ve watched her do Trig. It was breathtaking.
  2. She’s hilarious. Many, many, many gerbil squeaking laughs have been inspired by her over the last few months, some at the wee hours in the morning when comedic value is enhanced. Also, she even thinks some of my lame jokes are funny too. “SOAP”
  3. She’s got my back. She’s got martial arts skills and a very sharp knife that I know she would use them in my defense against any manner of creeps.
  4. She’s freaking gorgeous.  (Even if I do take blurry photos)
  5. She doesn’t think I’m a dork. She’s even willing to remind me of that fact as often as I need to hear it.
  6. She’s an excellent listener, and has spent many hours with me going over the details of my very lame and sometimes nonsensical life.
  7. She doesn’t make fun of me when I suck at playing video games.
  8. She’s really good at video games.
  9. She has a really excellent DVD collection, and has me over very frequently to introduce me to all the great movies I never knew I was missing out on.
  10. She once had a car that she turned into a X-Wing!

So, those are all the reasons why it makes me very happy to call Kayphore my friend, and why I never got very upset about being left alone at BFD.

And now I’ll stop gushing.

I hope that this doesn’t embarrass her too much. And I hope that my other friends don’t think that I *heart* them any less. There’s enough of my nerdy admiration to go around, I promise.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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