The Only Thing Missing From My Life

It has been way, way, way too long.



The only thing better than seeing your favorite band is seeing your favorite band that happens to be comprised of some of your favorite people.    That’s what I have when I get to see Go Jimmy Go play.   

What sucks is that they are far away in Honolulu, and they haven’t been touring in California for almost two years.

I miss Go Jimmy Go.  I miss my friends.   They’re due to have a new album next year, and I hope that means they’re going to be back to the mainland soon.

That Wedding I was In

Here’s a photo of the bride and myself at the wedding.  

Brandi and me
Queen B and me


It was a nice wedding, outdoors in South Lake Tahoe.   It was perfect weather, sunny and warm.  I had on sunblock, which is good, because my back was in direct sunlight throughout the ceremony.   Queen B (not that B, her name starts with a B) and I have been friends since we were both three years old.  My parents moved into the the house next door to her parents.   My folks lived in that house for 26 years.    Her parents are still in the same house.  We say that we are more like family then friends, because we just don’t have that much in common, other than the whole history of our childhood.   

When you’re in a wedding, lots of people take lots of pictures of you.   This is from the first batch I’ve seen.  I’m positive that there are more.  If there’s any more good ones, I’ll post them.   What do you think of that dress?