I Swear

I curse. I curse a lot. I love to swear.

Fuck is one of my favorite words. Nay, no ambiguity about it . . . . I LOVE FUCK! It’s an awesome word.

I’m also quite fond of shit and ass, bloody fucking hell, damn, bitch, and the whole fucking buttload.

I think that the reason why I love to curse so much, is because I resent the majority of the arguments that people have made to convince me are more offensive than any words could be.

And my least favorite is that it is “unladylike”.    Like I give a flying fart about being “ladylike”.   As far as I can tell, being ladylike just means being boring!   

And I think the fact that people get so worked up over words is just ridiculous!  They’re just words.   What makes them “bad”?   Says who?   Jesus?   He didn’t speak English!   “Fuck” doesn’t mean anything in ancient Hebrew!!!

I mean, shit, they’re just words.


Just swearin’!