Video – Book Review: The Great Glass Sea

Here is another book review I did on YouTube.  I was kind of rushing when I shot the video, so I don’t think it came out as well.  I am still learning about how to do this.  Also, lots of really entertaining hand gestures in this one, I gotta say.   Please enjoy responsibly.

Brave New World – YouTube

Hey, check it out, lovlies!  I started a YouTube channel to go along with this blog.  Here’s my first video:





Except, it’s not really my first video, because there’s some old videos up there of my friends, my cat, and my snot.   So, now you can follow me in a couple of different formats.


No, really….hit that button on the right that says ‘Follow’.   Also, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.


Also, let me know if you want me to write about anything specific or make a video.


Just sayin’.