Same Rant, Different Day

Here it is, 3 o’clock.  I’m in the office.   I’m doing nada.   Serious amounts of nothing happening right here, right now.  I could be off dealing with a bunch of theater related stuff, or theater induced time management issues.  Instead I’m sitting in my cube, staring at the internet.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  Love doodling on my blog, and all, but it’s not like I really can sit here and give the proper rundown of my life in the last few days, ’cause there’s a lot to tell.   Also, I’m so distracted by the all the things I have to do – I can’t really focus on reading blogs or anything.

If I left now, I could go home, get my car, and drive my happy ass to the theater instead of taking BART.

Just sayin’.

So Tired

Quick Update – I’m working on a play.  I’m the sound assistant.   We’re in tech rehearsals this week.   Every night this week.  I’m freaking tired.  I’m really freaking tired.  That’s why it went from about three posts per day for over a week, and now it’s zilch.

I promise to write all about it, as well as post a pic blog about The Phenomenauts CD release, this weekend.