First Game of the Season

Yeah, last year, I didn’t go to a single Giants’ game. This year, I plan to make up for that. Tonight I’m going to the game with AB, and we’re sitting in the bleachers. I’ve never had bleacher seats at AT&T park, before. I have my scarf and my ball cap in my bag, and I’m heading over right after work.

Lincecum is on the mound tonight vs. Cook of the Rockies. He’s got a 1.23 ERA this season to date. Last night, the Giants shut out the Rockies 4-0. I’m hoping for a good game, and that the Giants will move one step closer to .500.  Also, I hope they don’t bring Zito in out of the bullpen.

I’ve also been invited to an A’s game on Monday. That should be . . . interesting. They’re playing Baltimore.