Floating or Drowning?

I started this whole health kick thing.   The doctors have me on this wait and see holding pattern.   In the meantime, I gotta do something, right?   So I’m reading up on all the best foods to prevent this or that.

So, now I’m taking an Omega-3 pill, in addition to a regular multi-vitamin, suppliments for my joints, and skin.  Also allergy meds and BC.   I take seven pills every morning.   That takes at least one big glass of water.

In addition to that, I’m now drinking a cup of green tea every morning.  Oh, and a small glass of juice.

So before eight in the morning, I’m completely waterlogged.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so hydrated in my whole life.   At least it’s not as bad as the ultrasound, though.  I can go.   And oh, do I ever!