I *Heart* Fiona’s

I have not always been the biggest fan of the new office, but there’s a silver lining to the cloud, and it even has a name – Fiona’s.

Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe is around the corner.  They sell all the best British candy and yummies.   Including, my favorite.


My friend took me to get dim sum for lunch, and then we walked around China Town a bit.  Eventually we were headed back to the cube farm by way of Sutter Street.   The most charming man works behind the counter, too.   There’s nothing bad that can be said about the place.   It’s purely delightful, and it reminds me of Grandma Peggy herself.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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