Political Comedy from My Commander

I stole this from a MySpace bulletin from Commander Angel Nova, because it’s just about perfect:



Leave our constitution alone!   Vote NO on Prop 8.   Don’t take rights away from Californians.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

5 thoughts on “Political Comedy from My Commander”

  1. So, did you see that the Prop 8 bigots have decided to change their message??? They now have their little lawn signs that say “Prop 8 = Parents Rights” . . . seriously, did they just figure out people in California don’t react well to a constitutional amendment to legislate prejudice and hate against a particular group. How low will the religious right-wing minority go to pass their dogma on society? If they loose this year, will we see this amendment again next year, and the year after that??? Maybe it’s time to take the tax exempt status from these churches (like LDS), since they have been a major contributor to this proposition – clearly in violation of their tax status.

  2. NO, I had not seen that. It’s such crap, but it’s the total right wing standard cry. “IT’S FOR THE BAAAAAAAYYYYYBEEEEES!” If I had a kid, I’d much rather have them learn about gay marriage in school than creationism.

    And seriously, there’s already laws on the books that say that parents can take their kids out of class during the teaching of family and health curriculum if they disagree with what’s being taught. Of course, this law was probably put on the books in the first place by the right wingers so that no one would tell their kids about birth control.

  3. Yeah, so as J put it, “you practically need a permission slip for everything these days”. Unlike Massachusetts, the state cited as an example in the ads, California is an opt-in state for educational content that can be/is seen as controversial. The argument is a non-issue here, and they know it!

  4. Also, I am taking note of the neighbors who are displaying the pro-Prop 8 banners; they won’t be getting any help from me in the future. I don’t support bigots and I don’t loan them my tools. 😉

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