Blondes May Have More Fun, But . . .

Redheads get catcalled more frequently.  This is what I have learned since Saturday, when I got my hair done.  I mean, honestly, it happens to most women.  And as an independent type, who spends a lot of time walking her happy ass around Oakland, it might happen to me more than some.   Just a few weeks ago, an old, dirty, drunk man was making kissy faces and noises at my formerly blonde self in a Tahoe casino.

Now, this is not the first time I’ve had red hair.  I’ve had just about every color hair that you can imagine, from black to blonde, pink and purple.   But I don’t really recall having this happen before.   The closest I can relate is when I was walking down the street with my flamingo pink highlights, and some enlightened soul yelled “FREAK” at me from out of their car window as they drove by.

So, on Sunday, when a man whose car was stopped at the crosswalk I was utilizing leaned out his window and hollered, “Nice hair color!” somewhat effeminately, I was startled.  I replied with a “Thank you,” and I continued on my happy way.  That didn’t seem too threatening, and more than anything, I was just startled.

Last night, again in a cross walk, a man in a delivery van seemed to be trying to get my attention.   I had my headphones on, so I didn’t quite catch what he was saying, and I assumed that he was trying to ask directions, or something.   It took me  a second to realize what was going on.   That was a little more disturbing, and I wish that I’d heard what he was saying, and that if it had been anything resembling “Hey Red!” I could have responded appropriately . . . by flipping him off.

So, I think I’m going to try to pay attention to what’s going on around me, and make notes when this happens.   If I’m really on the ball, maybe I’ll whip out my phone and snap some photos to submit to Holla Back SF.

‘Cause, you know, just because I’m walking down the street with red hair, that does not mean that it’s in any way appropriate for strangers to yell things at me.   Even if you think you’re being complimentary, it’s still rude.   If you respect me as a human being, and you think I’m pretty, you’ll find a better way to communicate that.  Missed connections on Craig’s List, maybe.

Just sayin’.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

6 thoughts on “Blondes May Have More Fun, But . . .”

  1. Maybe for you, Pegs…but the rest of us ugly people are not so inclined to believe that a compliment is anywhere close to hideous, rude or remotely troubling. In fact what’s great about the bay area is when I actually get eye contact and a hello at the same time. As opposed to walking around with the rest of the zombies staring down at their feet while texting. Somewhere in between zombie giant sunglass wearing cel phone robots and ” hey blonde f$#@ toy! ” there is a happy medium.
    Great article Pegs…like your style.
    And always look forward to seeing you at th coffee shop


  2. I find being a redhead does attract most guys. I think it may be because redheads are rare these days. Not to stereotype anyone, but I do notice that around here black guys are more attracted to redheaded females as opposed to…well you get the idea. It could differ between state to state, but thats just what I noticed living here for the past few years.

  3. As a man who LOVES redheads, I say, good for you! Redheads are exotic, which is why most men are attracted to them. I agree that random yelling and cat calling is really inapropriate, but we’re guys, we don’t know of any better way to get your attention. It’s that primordial crap that we can’t get rid of. “Dah, look at da perrty laday.””What we do to get notice us?””Let yell and make noise. Maybe throw rock at fish.” Unless its totally rude or borderline hostile, it’s just us guys being the cavemen that we are. And, for the record, I’d totally cat call ya.

  4. Kaduk, that’s BULL SHIT! It’s not that you can’t help it. It’s not that you’re hard wired. It’s that you choose not to control yourself. If you wouldn’t do it in front of your mom, your sister, or your grandmother, then you know you can control when you’re by yourself or with you guy friends. Also, lame excuses like that are part of the problem, because they put the burden of control on the woman. You can’t help yourself, so it’s up to me to cover my legs, my butt, my chest, and apparently my hair. It’s the same excuse shit they say to make women wear burkas.

    AND I didn’t dye my hair this way to make you think that I’m “exotic” or whatever the fuck. I did it so that I would like what I see when I look in the mirror. So. . .I’m sorry, but . . . You’re gonna have to get over yourself.

    And if you cat call me, I’m gonna have to flip you off.

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