Road Trip – Day 4

Should I still be referring to it as a “Road Trip” after I got there?    Whatever.

On Sunday, we stayed a lot closer to home.   It’s become somewhat of a tradition to check out the local minor league baseball team.  This may not be such a good thing for the team, because I think of the six or seven games I’ve been to, they might have won one.  

The really great thing about The Minors is that you can get some really awesome seats for super cheap.  We were pretty much right behind home plate, and the seats cost just $15 each.   It was a great spot to take some really awesome pictures from.   Click to enlarge.

Although, they lost, they nearly had a comeback in the bottom of the ninth, so it ended up being pretty exciting.   Also, we were sitting behind the scouts and the pitchers starting pitchers from both teams who were taking notes.  It was all fine and good until I got a little too excited.  😉

This whole trip was quickly turning into an excuse for me to take a lot of pictures.    Just wait . . . There’s more.   

Just sayin’.

Crazy Single Girl Life – Home Sweet Home

It finally happened.   I finally feel like I’ve had just about enough of going out.   I’m in.  I’ve been in.  I’m not going anywhere.  

I’ve been home from my vacation for a couple of days, and I have to say, I haven’t been feeling as antsy since I got back.  I just want to hang out, and I’m enjoying my apartment more now.  I guess I just needed a bit of a break.  

So, I’m sitting here being a bit of a slug.  I kind of feel like I might be coming down with something, too.   

I’m watching trashy TV.  I’m slouching, and I’m tap tapping away at my MacBook.   I’ve been looking at all the stuff I’ve been wanting too.  

This is the life.  This is my life.   It’s not any different than when I’m running around every day.  I’m still the same person, so I guess it makes sense.   It’s just nice to feel like I can breathe again in my own house.  I’m still going to go out when I want, but hopefully I’ll find some balance now.   

And by balance, I mean passing out on the couch with a belly full of risotto.  

Just sayin’.

more cat pictures

Crazy Single Girl Life – Housework Edition

Kind of sucks when there isn’t a dude to blame for the lack of cleaning of the bathroom.  I really did let it get that bad.  This is yet another negative side effect of Crazy Singledom.  I think, however, that I’m getting to the point where I don’t feel like I have to go out every night.  Maybe every other.

Road Trip – Day 3

I’m still quite behind on blogging about my trip.  On Saturday we went to the Pike Place Market.  It’s pretty touristy, but I discovered that it’s a great opportunity for my new photography hobby.  The first shot is of the sound from the parking lodge.

Here’s the tourist shot.

I loved seeing this sign I saw inside the market.

Almost.   Just almost.

So, here are the pictures I took of the produce and fresh seafood for sail at the market.





OK, here’s just some more random shots of fish and stuff. Click to enlarge.


The funniest thing that happened all day was when we went into the jade store.   The little Chinese man who owns and runs the store asked me if I was married, and when I said no, he asked why not.  I didn’t want to go into it with a stranger, but my mom was yelling at him, “she doesn’t want to be married.”   Anyway, the guy told me he’d give me $500 to get married.  I told him he better remember that he said that, and I’d be back to collect.

Any takers?  I’ll split the 500 bucks with you.  60/40 split, though.  I mean, finders fee, and all.

Just sayin’.