Project Runway – Week 1 (No SPOILERS)

I whole heartedly agree with the elimination.  

As for the winner, I think she was the most innovative, which is what the challenge was about.  I really liked everything except for the bust portion.    I like what she did to make the material for the skirt.   

I think I liked the second place dress more, but I would not wear anything like that.  For that reason, I agree with the judges decision.

So, go watch it, and comment back to let me know what you think of my assessment.

Road Trip – Day 5 & 6 & 7

OK, so by the time the weekend was over, I was ready for some nothing.  So there’s not much to tell about day five of my trip.  There’s not a single picture of day five.  I don’t remember day five.  I think I slept a lot.  Stop judging me; I was on vacation!

Most of day six was spent waiting for Aunt J to arrive.  She’d spent the first week of her vacation in New England, and was in Boston for the 4th of July.   When she arrived we had a good time listening to her tell stories about her adventures.  I love to listen to my aunt tell a story.    

Hearing her talk about New England made me want to go, too.  It’s definitely on my list.   But the way things are going, I don’t know how I will come up with the time or money.  I mean, I just used up all vacation for the rest of the year on this one trip.   

Day 7 was all about errands.   Since my aunt hadn’t been in Washington for years, there were some things that she needed to do.  One of the top things on her list was going to the DMV to get a change of address and a new picture.   So I spent two hours in the DMV in Washington.  Not a very vacation-y activity.

The other thing that need to happen was that my grandfather’s ashes had to be scattered.  A tradition was started with my grandmother.  A bit of her ashes were scattered into the ocean at a particular beach, and the rest were taken and buried in the churchyard in Cambridge, England where she was from.   The family decided to do the same with Grandpa.   So we went to the beach.  This is just a little illegal, so I don’t really recommend it.


We never really had a memorial for Grandpa, so it was nice to be able to send him off somehow.

And then we went for a decent lunch with a really crappy waiter.    How much does that suck?   

Then we went home and had some grilled goodness on the deck.   I used to have a huge deck, but my parents’ deck puts that one to shame, I have to say.