Project Runway – Week 2

I don’t have anything to complain about this week.  I absolutely loved the dress that won, and hated the losing design.   I thought the winner was something that did look very wearable, if you were a bit edgy, and it wasn’t like you could see to China. I’d wear it to a Phenomenauts party.  The losing design was too shiny, too short, and too funky.   

I can’t wait until things get good and juicy.  I don’t have any favorites yet.  None of the designers have really stood out to me.   We’ll see how things shape up.

I’ve sort of started watching this Shear Genius show, just because it’s on right after Project Runway.  It’s OK.  I like my hair, but it’s hard for me to judge what makes a good hairstyle.  I just go into Wonder Dave and say, “make it more edgy, make it more blonde, make it less blonde, it’s too froofy, etc.”

Project Runway – Week 1 (No SPOILERS)

I whole heartedly agree with the elimination.  

As for the winner, I think she was the most innovative, which is what the challenge was about.  I really liked everything except for the bust portion.    I like what she did to make the material for the skirt.   

I think I liked the second place dress more, but I would not wear anything like that.  For that reason, I agree with the judges decision.

So, go watch it, and comment back to let me know what you think of my assessment.