I Survived Pi

So, yesterday being 3.14, Kayphore decided that she would like to have some friends participate in a bit of healthy competition of baking, and have us bake and bring a pie to her place for sampling, conversation, and drinks.

I had never baked a pie in my life.    I decided I wanted to try a caramel apple pie.   And then, because I am an over-achiever, I also decided to make a banana chocolate cream.  Of course, I went the super cheating lazy route and I bought my pie crust.   If you take issue with that, well, all I can say is Suck It.

My Pies
My Pies

I would definitely call this a learning experience.  If I had it to do over again, I would have used about half as much caramel in the caramel apple.   It was just way too gooey.   And I learned that when you’re making a pie with pudding, you only need the small box.   So, you know, good to know.

At any rate, there were a total of 10 different pies at the party, and I sampled them all.   I have to say, that was a bit rough on the system.    We weren’t even taking full slices, but about three slivers in, I was already full.

The Carnage
The Carnage

All in all, it was a very delicious day, but I’m glad that Pi only comes once per year.  I still have a bit of a headache.   I went to the gym this morning to try to help burn off some of those excess calories, too.

Oh, and I didn’t win any prizes, either.   Lame.

The Girls all Sugared Up
The Girls all Sugared Up
Pali Loves Pie
Pali Loves Pie
Kayphore Loves Pie
Kayphore Loves Pie
Zabba Loves Pie
Zabba Loves Pie

Oh, but I did end up taking home a sock monster.  His name is Bob.  He’s my new companion.

Man my head hurts.

Just sayin’.

Crazy Single Girl Life – 2 Wheels Edition

Last week, I mentioned in passing that I had joined a bike gang, which is a bit of an exaggeration.     I mean, can two people be considered a ‘gang’.  We’re more like a dynamic duo on wheels – two each.

It all started early in November when Kayphore was having car trouble.   She went out to get in her car, and it just wouldn’t start.  While it was in the shop, she decided that she needed an alternative form of transportation.     She mentioned to me that she would like to get a particular brand of bike that is sold through a shop nearer to my place than to hers.   Since I had also been thinking of acquiring a bike of my own,  I accompanied her to the shop.   I stood by and eavesdropped as she went through all the details of what she wanted on the bike, and how she was going to use the bike.   Her main objective was to have something that would make her seven mile commute and that she could attach everything she would need to it.   I watched as she selected the bike, lights, rack, locks, helmet, etc.   It really inspired me, and I wanted to get a bike of my very own, too.

But I had just dropped a grand on having every belt in my car replaced.  It was one of those things where it was just time.   I knew that I couldn’t drop any money on a bike then and there.   However, I knew I was going to have to come up with some cash.  I was so jealous watching Kayphore get fitted out.

Then, that week, my life got picked up and dropped on it’s head.    I  found myself confused and adrift and in need of . . . something.

So Kayphore hauled me to the bike shop, and I bit the bullet.  I got paid that week, too, so that helped.

HELLO Beautiful!


So, I’ve been riding to and from work every day,  about three miles each way.  And every chance we get, Kayphore make mundane trips to the pizza parlor or piano bar into excursions.     All of life has become an excuse to ride.   And while I do enjoy doing it alone, it’s even better with a friend.

Also, who knew being sore day in and day out could feel so wonderful.   Plus, if you could see my butt!!!!

It’s kind of funny how you can find something, quite by chance, that can make you so freaking happy.  Like, giggling your ass off and bellowing out “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield kind of happy.

Exactly how does this qualify as a “Crazy Single Girl” story?  Because I wouldn’t have done it a year ago, and because it’s something I’m doing for myself and with my friend.  Also, it reminds me just how free and independent I am, and why I love that more than anything in all the world now.

Just sayin’.

Why I *Heart* Mama Bear

So, I’m in a sharing the love kind of mood, and I think lots of folks are gonna benefit from this.

Mama Bear and I have been friends for a very long time. Like, multiple decades. She recently added a new little guy into her life, her adorable son Devon.

So, here’s some of the things that make her wonderful:

  1. She’s very patient with me. Even when I open my mouth and say some dumb stuff without thinking, she gives me the opportunity to explain myself and set things straight.
  2. She always tells me that I’m skinny, even if I only believe her half the time.
  3. She has a lot of the same values as me, so I know when I go off on a feminist rant or angrily shake my fists about Prop 8, she gets it.
  4. Her kid is just the most adorable little bug in the entire freaking world.
  5. She’s also wicked smart. She does smart things with numbers at work that would probably make my brain explode.
  6. She knows how to throw a party. Her wedding was the most fun ever!
  7. She can make some really good food, and is always making sure that when I come to her house, there’s yummy veggie stuffs.
  8. She loves Legos.
  9. She makes me laugh sometimes so hard that I practically pee my pants.
  10. Her music collection is way better than mine, and she introduced me to the joy of Rufus Wainwright.

Awwwwww. . . it’s a love fest today!!!!

Just sayin’.

I think I’m going to blush now.

Why I *Heart* Kayphore?

A few months ago, at BFD, I spent some time with Kayphore. I had been acquainted with her for over a year, but I’d never really gotten the chance to just hang out with her. Then I was left to my own devices that day, not really knowing the folks around me too well, and I ended up spending most of a day with her. It pretty much changed my life.

Here are all the reasons why she’s completely awesome:

  1. She ridiculously smart. A computer programmer by trade. She has a mind for numbers and all kinds of mathy goodness. I’ve watched her do Trig. It was breathtaking.
  2. She’s hilarious. Many, many, many gerbil squeaking laughs have been inspired by her over the last few months, some at the wee hours in the morning when comedic value is enhanced. Also, she even thinks some of my lame jokes are funny too. “SOAP”
  3. She’s got my back. She’s got martial arts skills and a very sharp knife that I know she would use them in my defense against any manner of creeps.
  4. She’s freaking gorgeous.  (Even if I do take blurry photos)
  5. She doesn’t think I’m a dork. She’s even willing to remind me of that fact as often as I need to hear it.
  6. She’s an excellent listener, and has spent many hours with me going over the details of my very lame and sometimes nonsensical life.
  7. She doesn’t make fun of me when I suck at playing video games.
  8. She’s really good at video games.
  9. She has a really excellent DVD collection, and has me over very frequently to introduce me to all the great movies I never knew I was missing out on.
  10. She once had a car that she turned into a X-Wing!

So, those are all the reasons why it makes me very happy to call Kayphore my friend, and why I never got very upset about being left alone at BFD.

And now I’ll stop gushing.

I hope that this doesn’t embarrass her too much. And I hope that my other friends don’t think that I *heart* them any less. There’s enough of my nerdy admiration to go around, I promise.

That Wedding I was In

Here’s a photo of the bride and myself at the wedding.  

Brandi and me
Queen B and me


It was a nice wedding, outdoors in South Lake Tahoe.   It was perfect weather, sunny and warm.  I had on sunblock, which is good, because my back was in direct sunlight throughout the ceremony.   Queen B (not that B, her name starts with a B) and I have been friends since we were both three years old.  My parents moved into the the house next door to her parents.   My folks lived in that house for 26 years.    Her parents are still in the same house.  We say that we are more like family then friends, because we just don’t have that much in common, other than the whole history of our childhood.   

When you’re in a wedding, lots of people take lots of pictures of you.   This is from the first batch I’ve seen.  I’m positive that there are more.  If there’s any more good ones, I’ll post them.   What do you think of that dress?

Unabashed Love of Other People’s Babies

I don’t have any kids.   I don’t have a problem with kids.   I just don’t really feel like raising any.  


Interestingly enough, many people mistakenly assume that I don’t like babies.  


So, in answer to that misconception, I present a couple babies I love.   Of course, I love them more, because I don’t have to clean up their various fluids.


And now, the cuteness:

Newborn Cameron - June 2007
Newborn Cameron - May 2007

1st Annual Lolympics!

Yesterday, Lo’ decided to celebrate her birthday in an unusual way.  She had her own “athletic” games.   Some of the contests included Staring, Rochambeau, Hula-Hoop, Knockout, 3-Legged-Race, Limbo, etc.   I won a bronze medal for Breath Holding.   There was a medal ceremony for each event, and we were allowed to chose our own anthems to be played when a gold was awarded.

It was good times, with good people and good food.  I was honored to be able to compete.

I took a lot of photos.  Click to enlarge: