Road Trip – Day 2

So, when last we met, I was staying the night at Motel 6.  

I got up the next morning, not too early but not too late, either, and was on the road about 8:30.   

This is what Oregon looks like in the daylight hours.

I doubt you can make it out, but the sign on the left says says “Oakland 1 Mile”.    You go so far, and yet, you barely get anywhere.   Story of my life.

More Oregon.

So, have you guessed where I’ve gone on my little road trip yet?  Here’s a hint:


Do you got it?   Well, if you’ve never been here, you might not, but bridges like these are a very common site in Washington state.

Isn’t it pretty?

The hat was still doing what it does.

A little product placement never hurt anyone, right?

It seemed like it took longer than it should, but soon I was passing through the Emerald City.

Not long afterwards, I was ringing the doorbell at my parents’ place, and my dad was pouring me a Guinness.  Several Guinnesses later, here I still am.

More on my goings on later . . .

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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