Hello Jell-O

My friends in The Phenomenauts camp had a Jell-O shot cook off last night.   Everyone brought different flavors of shots.  I made Fuzzy navel flavored.  

I want everyone to like me all the time, and so by extension I wanted everyone to like my shots.  It never occurred to me to make something unpleasant.  Of course, my friends are different.  There were Spam and Pineapple, Clam, and Lemon Chicken shots.    I didn’t try them.    

It was a good party, and it ended with me being one of the last to leave.  I was hanging out with the girls giggling about all the goofiest stuff.  The gerbil laugh happened quite a bit.    

I didn’t get too drunk, just a little buzzed.  It was cool to hang out and be a little silly.    It wasn’t a wild and crazy night.   Just hanging out.  I met a few new people, and got to know some other people a lot better.  

And the girls and I had a morning after brunch. 

Now I’m just being sluglike.   

Daddy Day

To all the Daddy’s out there, I hope you have a very happy day.

I have always been the biggest Daddy’s Girl.   My whole life, I’ve always been fascinated by all things Daddy.  I always wanted to be with Daddy.  If Daddy was cutting the lawn or washing the car, I wanted to be there.  I wanted to watch the baseball game, too.   My dad was never one of those guys who treated his daughters like princesses, so that’s not why I was so obsessive.   Maybe it was because he wasn’t there all day, like my mom was when I was younger.   Maybe he was just more of a mystery, because he left the house all the time and went to “work”.    What ever it was, it doesn’t really matter why.    I just wanted to play catch, and do whatever he was doing.  

So, here’s to Dad.