Brain Dead This Morning

I couldn’t seem to pull my head out of my ass this morning.   I woke up, and hit the snooze about three times.  Then I just couldn’t get my brain into gear.  I sat on the couch and ate, which is not normal.  I’m normally a cereal-over-the-sink kind of gal.  Of course, since I sat down, I turned on the news, and then I was looking up and realizing I had just twenty minutes to get out the door.

I didn’t make it in twenty.  I didn’t even make it in thirty.   I took a shower last night, so I skipped it this morning, but by the time I washed my face, slapped on some make-up, brushed my teeth, and slapped some Fudge around in my hair, it was quarter after eight, and I was late.

So, in my haste to get out the door, I somehow managed to leave behind both my cell phone and my security badge.  I’m sure I’m missing the best phone calls of my life right now.   Or at least some flirty crazy single girl text messages.   I hate this feeling of separation anxiety.  I hate feeling like I could be missing anything.   Especially if it could be fun.

That’s why I’m always the last to leave a party, because I wouldn’t ever want to miss any of the fun.

New Phenomenauts Video on YouTube

I love this new video for the song “Infinite Frontier.”

From MySpace:

The Phenomenauts have teamed up with Emmy Award-winning animation writer RICH FOGEL (Justice League, Batman Beyond, Transformers: Animated) to produce INFINITE FRONTIER, an animated music video based on the song from their new album FOR ALL MANKIND.

It’s great when one of your favorite bands are also some of your greatest friends.  I hope some day

I am very proud of these guys, and happy to call them friends.