May Day

The First of May is a holiday in a lot of different cultures throughout Europe. It is called a cross-quarter day, as it is equidistant between the solstice and equinox. Observances center around the coming of summer, spring’s renewal, and fertility. In England, traditions include dancing around the May Pole, Crowning the May Queen, and Morris Dancing. It is also associated with Beltane, a Gaelic holiday celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man, which is the beginning of the pastoral summer and includes the lighting of bonfires on hillsides. A lot of neopagans focus on celebrations of fertility in their revelry.

I couldn’t be more happy that it’s May Day. It means that April is finally over. I’m not much of a superstitious person, but I generally think that there’s some really bad juju in the month of April. Unpleasant stuff has a tendency to happen for me and my family in the month of April. Oh, and then there’s the taxes. So, today is a chance for me to start over personally, put all the negativity out to pasture, and do a little dancing, with or without the May Pole. Also, my birthday is this month.

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

Creeper has been trying to talk me into “getting out there” and his big suggestion is that I peruse the ads on Craiglist. He also suggested that I post a few ads of my own, and at one point threatened to write one for me. I am curious to know what he would write, and what the response would be, so I might make him do it.

First off, I have to say, this is not encouraging. Have you seen these ads lately? They used to be good for a laugh, but now they’re kind of sad.

And so it is, that I came across my guy Charles, who posts a version of the same post every day. Charles is a 59 year old from the East Bay. He’s a self-described “Jack-Outta-Da_Box,” and a “City Cat / Nature Boy hybrid.” He admits that, “I partake of herbal sacraments for medicinal comfort on occasion. . .” And he’s looking for a “Different drummer,progressive,iso conspirator for rhythm and resonance.”

Each of his posts includes at least these two photos:

Is it just me, or does Charles look/sound familiar to anyone else?

This is what I’ve been missing these many years. How many other golden opportunities have passed me by?