What To Do?

I got home from work this evening, and found that the power was out in my building and neighborhood.  I came in and opened all the windows, as it’s still pretty toasty here in.   I laid down on the coach for a minute to think about what to do with the power out, and I fell asleep.   A nap is a perfect thing to do when it’s warm, the power’s out, and you don’t really have any other things pressing on your agenda.

It was a great nap, too.  Great up until the part where I started dreaming that Mama Bear had started dating my ex right after we had broken up.  In a ploy to try to get him back from her, I was following him around throughout the entire dream, groping him completely inappropriately.   I have some of the craziest dreams sometimes.

Weird dream or not, I would still take that nap all over again.  Of course, now I’ll be up pretty late, but so be it.  I’ll catch up on some Netflix now that the power is back on.

In the Dark

You know what sucks?   When the power goes out.    You know what sucks even harder?  When the power goes out, and you’re in a new apartment, and you don’t remember where you put the flashlight, you can barely find the lighter to light the candles, and you’re all alone in a pitch black apartment with nothing to do.

Last night around 7:30, the power went out at The Rock.   I was in the middle of watching last week’s Project Runway episode that I missed.   (That’s a story in and of itself.)   Then all of sudden, everything went out with a flicker.   A moment later, the power came back, and I thought I was back to my SJP enhanced life.   But nnnooooo, it went right back out.   And it stayed out.   FOR THREE HOURS!

Pretty much everything I own needs to be plugged into a functional outlet in order to be entertaining.  The exception is my large collection of books.  (Still in boxes, thank you very much.)   Seriously, though, I don’t know how people managed to read by candlelight.   There was no way.  Of course, the candles I have are much more about wafting froo-froo scents than they are about casting a decent light.

So, I called my mom.  She rattled off a list of possibly entertaining activities for a dark evening.   Make cocoa – I don’t have any cocoa.   Make tea – all my tea is caffeinated, and I didn’t want to be up all night.   Unpack the books – I said entertaining.   Listen to the radio – I don’t have a battery powered radio.    All of her suggestions just reminded me how lame my apartment is.    It was a noble effort on her part, but it really wasn’t too helpful.

The power finally came back on at 10:30.   I got to see a little Sex and the City before I went back to sleep, but alas, they were done rerunning P.R., so hopefully I’ll be able to catch the end later.

Overall, I would say last night was very lame.

Just sayin’.