The Drama of Dad’s Wheels

My father’s car has been sitting, mostly, for two months. I’ve driven it a few times. It isn’t needed by anyone. My mother is legally blind, so she has never driven. So it should go. Simple enough; we sell the car.

It’s a 2007 Saturn that my parents bought a few years ago. They traded in the little pickup truck that my father loved, because it wasn’t very practical for two older people, and it was horrible in icy or snowy conditions. This all seems very sensible.

However, they took a loan. And now the loan still must be paid on this car that no one needs and no one drives. And whatever my mom can get for the car if it’s less than what she owes, she still has to pay the difference. So, my mom might have to pay to get rid of this stupid car. This stupid car that seems like it was a better idea, but is somehow the worst idea.

And isn’t this just what it’s really all about. A hundred and one little things, little decisions that were made, little things that have to be dealt with, and everyone more complicated than it ought to be. Gotta sell the car that the bank has the title on, so we have to find a buyer and then arrange to meet at the bank, so they can actually give the money to the bank, and pay the difference so that we can stop making payments, and then we can also stop paying the insurance. And since my mom isn’t the greatest at the internet, I am the one who has been posting ads, trying to find a buyer, answering questions, and trying to set up appointments, all from California, for a car that’s in Washington.

We tried to start all of this before Dad passed, but then we couldn’t because my father’s name was on the title along with Mom’s. That’s when I learned about a power of attorney. (More on that later.)

Every step of the way, through all this, so many speed bumps and roadblocks, and so many lessons I’ve learned. It’s maddening.

So, can I interest you in a 2007 Saturn Ion with 106,000 miles on it?


Firstly, I would like to apologize for not writing an entry for so long.   I have neglected my regular and not so regular readers alike.    Which brings me to an unrelated request.   I think you should ‘subscribe’ to my blog.    Why, you ask?   Because I like to fool myself into believing that people are actually interested in reading this.

So, yesterday was the best day.   Some of you may not agree with my reasons for believing this, but well, you’re allowed to be wrong.

I was working, which would normally land me in a pretty fowl mood.    But yesterday was different.   Yesterday was a day that will go down in the books.

I logged on to my lovely online banking (at work, oohhhh I’m so bad) and saw how much money I had available, and decided that it was about time I dealt with something.   I had the money, and it was time.  

Yesterday, I paid off the last of the loan for my Freshman year of college.

Now, of course, I still owe a shit-ton for the other three years, but hey, baby steps, you know.    Being able to say that I no longer owe any financial institution for any portion of “the Miami year” is big to me.    Plus, it was ten years ago.   That’s enough to make you think.   And so, I thought to myeself, “hey self, what do you think of all this, of the year you spent, the money it cost you, and the value of it all?”  But then somebody handed me another invoice, and I didn’t have time to go into it.

The second reason why yesterday rocked:   the shoe finally dropped.   The thing that I had been waiting for since I began working at Real Branding finally happened, and now, I can finally stop worrying about it.

Yesterday, I ran into a wall at work on a Razor scooter.

This is the part where you would probably disagree with my assesment of this event as being positive, but again, I remind you, you’re wrong.   First off, it was pretty artful.   I mean, how many other people do you know that are so spectacularly uncoordinated that they could manage it.   Secondly, it was hillarious.   I was zipping down the hall, I even said “weeeee” as I passed the
reception area, and then, THUD!   Finally, no one got hurt.    I hit the wall, and immediately began cracking up, as my co-workers, who hadn’t seen it, but heard it, all came running to see if I was all right.    Of course, they were a little perplexed about how I managed to do it, and I don’t want to bore you with the details, but the simple answer was, and is, simply: I am a spaz.   And now, I’m a spaz with a gnarley bruise on my shoulder.

As for Today.   Well, who knows?   I’m going to work at my other job, hocking CDs and DVDs at the mall.    Could be cool.    Oh, and after that, I’m driving (not scooting) up to Davis to hang out with Froggy and see Monkey play.   As Froggy said, going back to the beginning.      I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the day has in store for me.   
Current mood: accomplished

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