Padre PeggyLu

Next Saturday may be one of the craziest and unexpected days of my life, because next Saturday, I – PeggyLu – am performing the rites to bind two individuals in matrimony.   Officially.   Legally even.   It’s binding.   Oh shit.

Holy Huge Responsibility, Batman!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a wedding ceremony that is, at the same time, touching, personalized, and humorous?

And on top of that, to pick out the right dress to wear? 

So, I’m sure there will be pictures of that to add to this here bloggy blog soon.   I am so behind with everything.

Oh, and there’s a bachelorette party to attend, also, so there could be some tales of debauchery.  Although, I have to admit to not feeling too debaucherous lately.  I’ve been positively mild, to be honest.

We’ll see . . .

England Pics . . . Take 3

These were all taken in the village of Beverly.   At this point I had met up with my Aunt, and so we got to ride over in her convertible.   We visited St. Mary’s cathedral and the Minster there.   Lewis Carroll attended services at St. Mary’s, so there is a little statue of the White Rabbit on one of the columns inside.   It used to be a market town, so there’s a nice square, and we had some lovely pub grub for lunch.

More England Pics

Man, I’m a slacker.  I’ve been home for almost two months, and I’ve only posted one round of pictures.  In my defense – I moved, Momser came for a visit, it was my birthday, I had strep throat, and I’m writing a wedding ceremony.  I’ve been a busy girl, and any or all of those could and should be their own entry. 

Anyway, here’s another round of pics from Day 2 in Manchester.  As always, click to enlarge.