I Love My Job, But . . . .

Can I please just sit here for another day and do almost nothing?   For the last three days, I’ve spent an average of two to three hours out of the house.    I’ve watched all my Netflix.    I got all caught up on Battlestar.   I’m doing laundry.    I took some incredibly enjoyable naps.   I fixed my closet.   And my saxophone.   Blech!  

I even went out and got some groceries, and made some stuff for dinner/lunch this week.   Of course, not before scarfing some chili cheese fries at midnight one evening.   Sometimes you’ve just gotta run out at midnight, and give yourself serious indigestion.  It’s necessary.

I even went to the gym today.

It’s just been the most pleasant weekend, especially considering that I’ve been going almost none stop for weeks.   


I do love my job.  I do like seeing my co-workers.   I don’t want to go tomorrow, though.   I just want to spend another day cruising the On-Demand on my cable, and snoozing under a sea of blankets on my little couch, with my feet on the coffee table . . . without pants on.

Stupid three day weekend . . . you end to soon and you’re cruel.

Just sayin’.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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