The Fringe Benifits of Working From Home

I had no idea that this was going to happen today, but I’m getting to watch the silliness that is the New Kids On The Block on the Today Show. I had no idea that this had gotten this far. I remember hearing that they were reuniting, but I had no idea that they had already started selling tickets, and they have a new album, or something.

I can’t lie, I was one of those girls when I was 12. I had posters, shirts, all the TAPES, etc. Watching this, though, I’m not getting very nostalgic. I’m looking at this with much more critical eyes, and how did I ever notice this before? Those two guys that aren’t Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, and Jordan Knight look so awkward and uncomfortable. And if rumor is truth, those were the two who were always hesitant to get back together in the first place. Also, my tastes have changed so that Joey McIntyre is not nearly as cute as he used to be, and I’d much rather talk to that Danny Wood, if I was going to go there.

Also, these songs suck.  Or maybe it’s just the weirdness factor of a grown man singing “Hanging Tough” and doing that “Right Stuff” dance.  It’s kind of amusing how they are trying to update the music and rhythms, but yet still very sincerely singing “Please Don’t Girl,” albeit a few octaves lower.

But, it is kind of cute to see them doing those ridiculous dance moves again, and remembering what a nerd I was back then. I have no desire to go to their concert though, or any other revisiting of my adolescence, for that matter. I would much rather fly out to Honolulu to see Go Jimmy Go. They’re as close to a boy band that I’d be interested in. Them or Maldroid.

All joking aside, I wish them and their fans well.