Burning the Candle

It’s not really like at both ends. I honestly feel like I’ve just been throwing the whole damn candle in the fireplace for months. I never get to sleep in the way that I like to. I’m nocturnal. I’m pretty reliant on not getting out of bed before noon on Saturday and Sunday to make up my sleep debt. Why do people insist on pretending like they’re so important that they’ve got something vital to do at 9 on Saturday? You’re not that special. Go back to bed.

It ought to be illegal. We should all be locked in our houses until noon, and not allowed to leave. Giant robots could stand guard. Yeah. That’s the ticket. I’m all about a society of enforced laziness via martial law, compulsory cocktails, and working from home a.k.a. working from pajamas.

All I have to do now is get the concept of Business Attire amended to mean Cargo pants and a Hoodie.

And Cocktail Attire would be jeans and a tank top. (I mean, that’s what I wear when I drink cocktails.)

So, I guess what I’m saying is – Here’s to the lazy folks! Stay as bad as you wanna be in bed as long as you wanna be!

Three day weekend

I barely got out of my PJs the last two days.   I had this great idea to start out the new year with a trip to the beach.    That didn’t happen.   I was going to clean the kitchen.   That didn’t happen.   I was going to begin dismantling the Christmas tree.   That didn’t happen.   I was going to go to the bank.   That didn’t happen.    I was going to visit my parents.   That didn’t happen.    I was going to go see about joining a gym.   That didn’t happen.    Major set backs in the plot caused by PJs.   That’s okay, though, I still love my PJs.