Making Christmas

Now that my parents have opened their gifts, I can post this blog about how I made them.   I couldn’t before, because Mom reads the blog.  (Hi Mom!)

I had two matching 4×4 picture frames to start with.   I decided to paint a matching scene on each, but one would be a day time scene, and one a night time scene.   I traced the glass and drew a simple scene to fit the size, made two photocopies of the drawing, and then taped the drawings to the glass to use as my guide.

Stage One

I painted the two scenes simultaneously – side by side.   Since I was painting directly on the glass, I painted them in reverse, with the highlights and foreground painted first.

Stage Two

I did all of this on the floor of my bedroom.    It was a lot of fun, but at times it was hard to be patient while I waited for the paint to dry.   Oh, and about the paint, it’s acrylic.

Stage Three

Finally I got to tackle the sun and moon which really set the two apart.

Stage Four

These pictures aren’t the absolute greatest, because I took them with my phone.   I still need to get a new camera.

I filled in the last of the sun and moon, and the finished off the trees and mountains, too.

Stage Five

Lastly, I filled in the sky for the background.   I decided to make the night sky purple so that the scene would stand out.   Makes sense, really if there’s a full moon, right?

Stage Six

Then I had to let them dry over night.   This was the tense part, because I couldn’t really see how they turned out.   The view from the front was covered by the drawing, and all I could see from the painted side was the last coat.   I didn’t want to take the guides off until it was dry, because I was worried that I would smear the paint.

The next morning I carefully removed the drawings and tape to reveal the paintings and placed them in their frames.

Final Product.

Even my art student housemate was impressed, so I must have done something right.     Mom and Dad liked them very much, and said they’re planning on hanging them together somewhere in the house.

I’m an artistic genius, it seems.

Just sayin’.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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