I have to send some appreciation to my Rep. from Oakland, Ms. Barbara Lee.

The House yesterday passed the Paycheck Fairness Act, H.R. 1338, by a vote of 247-178, strengthening the Equal Pay Act, to help women earn the same wage as their male counterparts.

Thank you!   Thank you!  It’s not often that I get to feel like the person I voted for is actually doing something that directly effects my life.

The only thing is, there’s no effing way that Bush is gonna sign it.

For more information, check out Feministing, as well as The Gavel.

Thank you Feministing for posting the YouTube that I so lazily lifted.

My Whole Existance Reeks of Smoke and Whiskey

I have this bag, it was given to me at work, and I love it, because it’s just this canvas thing that slings easily across my body.  It has two external pouches which are perfect for my iPod and phone.  It’s khaki, so it already looks kind of dingy, and I don’t have to worry about getting it dirty.  It’s just the right size, too, to carry plenty of stuff, but it’s not awkward if it’s not totally full.  I love this thing to death.

And right now, I don’t want to go anywhere near it.  It smells so freaking bad.   I can’t even tell you how bad it is, except to tell you why it smells so bad.

Yesterday, after work, my department went out for drinks.   There were some folks in town from New York, and they were staying in the city, so we went over and were hanging out at Schroeder’s, a German restaurant with big, big beers.   I stuck to the pints, and had a couple, as well as a couple of shots of whiskey.   My tolerance level has gone way up since Tijuana. 

So, everything was fine at Schroeder’s, but then my co-workers wanted to move along, and where did they want to meander to?  Whiskey Thieves.  If you’re unawares of how the smoking laws work in California, let me tell you that Whiskey Thieves is the loophole.  You see, the law is based around the theory that employees should not be exposed to second hand smoke.   So, employees shouldn’t be working in the same place where people are smoking, so no smoking where there’s any employee present.  However, if the business does not have any employees and the owner doesn’t mind working in smoke, then you can smoke in the location.   Whiskey Thieves is owner operated, in other words, the bartender is the owner, so you can smoke in there, if that’s what you do.

So, I was there for about an hour and a half.   I sat at the bar and had a very amusing conversation with a couple of fellas.   I’d like to say that I remember the full conversation, but you know, at this point there was more whiskey, which may or may have not gotten dribbled on my bag.   I remember that the conversation did not suck.   

By the time I got out of there, I smelled like a cigarette butt floating in the last few drops of whiskey in a glass.    

Isn’t that lovely?

Just sayin’.