Really? It’s Jessica Simpson’s Fault? Really?

Today’s “What the – ?” moment brought to us by Fox Sports. I don’t really follow football, but I saw the article in my Google Reader, and I was confused about the connection between a pop icon and an athlete, and how the heck Ian O’Connor brought it all back to Rocky.

To spare you the details, apparently Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, played a less than inspiring game against Eagles while Simpson was in the stands. Apparently he had also had a poor performance against the Eagles when his previous girlfriend, Carrie Underwood, was in the stands last year. So, the connection is made that it’s the girlfriend’s fault. Apparently the fact that both games were against the same team hasn’t occurred to sports writers. That perhaps the Eagles have something going for them that gives them an edge against Romo’s game?

The thing that gets me, this isn’t just covered on one site. The same angle is covered on USA Today, MSNBC, Boston Herald, and (get this) The New Zealand Herald! Really? NEW ZEALAND!

That’s some ace reporting right there! Why take the time to analyze the performance of the athletes involved, and formulate a theory or opinion about why this team keeps losing to that team when you can just point at a woman as a scapegoat?

Just sayin’.