Compulsory Cocktails

The CEO of my company just sent out an office wide email.   The subject was : “Mandatory Happy Hour Meeting – 4:00 Today”.

Yes, you read that right.   At 4:00 today, my company will be hosting an Happy Hour, and I am required to go.   I am required to sip on a cocktail (I suppose they would let me have a soda.  I mean, they’re not going to hold my nose and pour Captain Morgan’s down my throat) and eat poo poos.    I guess that’s what they mean by “Keeping it Real.”

We’re hiring, by the way, if any of you are into getting messed up while working with and for a bunch of swillers.

Just sayin’.

Author: peggyluwho

What do you want to know? I'm a California native, and right now, I live 6 miles from where I was born. I'm single. I'm a feminist.

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