Pain sucks

Okay, I know I complain about my job a bit, but here’s the deal: it’s now causing me physical pain.   As a result of not having a very good chair or desk, I have some pinched nerve stuff happening.   My whole right arm is either in pain or is tingling or going numb.    I’m having trouble feeling the tip of my pinkie.    It sucks most because I am right handed.   My arm feels like it’s dying.

See, this is the thing about my boss.   He doesn’t realize that when you ask people to work overtime and to do too much, they’re more likely to hurt themselves.   So now, there’s a real likelyhood of me being on worker’s comp.   Who’s going to balance the petty cash then, hhmmm?

Oh, plus I got a really nice compliment yesterday from one of our partners, and when I brought it up to him, he said, “oh yeah, I saw that.”  That’s it.  No kudos.   No cookie for a job well done.

I hate it here.