Winchester Pic Blog

I didn’t take as many pictures when I was at the Winchester Mystery House on Mother’s Day, as I was just there a few months ago and felt like I took plenty then. I did get these three shots in the garden that I think are pretty damn awesome, though, so I’m just throwing these out there.

I really like this picture of the rose. I might even get it printed out and framed; that’s how much I like it.

If you can’t stop and smell the roses, at least photograph them.

Just sayin’.

Mom’s In Town

Mom got in on Saturday night, and we spent yesterday together, and even saw my brother for a while. We went to the Winchester Mystery House, because it’s something she had always wanted to do. This was the second time I had been there this year, and it was just as cool the second time around. I love that house, and I still say that I want to be just like Sara Winchester when I grow up.

So, this is going to be a crazy week in a different sense. Lots of family stuff, and probably a lot of running around. We’re going to get me a sewing machine so that I can become just as crafty as Mom. Actually, that’s not humanly possibly, I don’t think. My mom is pretty damn crafty. I just want to be able to make a curtain to cover the ugly bars in my bathroom and some cushions for my window bench. Maybe I’ll progress some day to making some clothing.

Also on the agenda is going out to eat at places my dad wouldn’t want to go to, like for Indian. I think it’s hilarious that my mom wants to do this. It just goes to show that it’s always good to have some time to do your own thing, even after 37 years. Yeah, they’ve been married that long. I don’t know if that gives me hope or scares the crap out of me, to be honest.

I Want to Be an Eccentric Old Lady

When I grow up, I want to be an infamously odd old lady, with an equally odd and mysterious house. I came to this conclusion after visiting the Winchester Mystery House yesterday.


I had always wanted to visit the house, but it’s kind of one of those things that you don’t do when you live here, kind of like Alcatraz. Fortunately, J4’s cousin was visiting from Ohio, so the three of went down to check it out.


If you don’t know about the Winchester House, it is the home built by Sarah Winchester. She was the widow of the heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune. She was left all the money from the company, and used the money to build the house.


It is assumed that she thought that the spirits of those killed by the rifle haunted her, and were responsible for the death of her husband and only child. She may have been constantly renovating her home in order to appease the spirits. She was said to have daily seances where she would communicate with the ghosts who gave her the ideas for how and what to build.


This is why it is believed that there are so many strange elements in the house, such as the door to nowhere, windows in the floor, and many odd combinations of thirteen.


Above all that, it also happens to be a great old house, with many lovely Tiffany windows and other architectural elements. It also survived the 1906 earthquake, though it was slightly damaged.


My mom has always wanted to visit the house, too, so I am looking forward to going again the next time she visits.

Overall, I’d say the Mystery House is worth the price of admission. If you’re visiting in the area, and you’re thinking about whether or not to check it out, I say do. I’ve spent a lot of money on tourist spots, tours, and such that were not nearly so cool.