Not in a Million Years

Apparently somebody read that last post and thought I was going to kill myself. UM, no, and if you thought that, you don’t know me AT ALL.

The post was about how resistant I am to take drugs to solve my problems, but since I was/am so tired, and really needed to get a good nights sleep, I gave up my resistance and took the damn medicine. Part of the reason why I was hesitant to take the pills was that I was afraid of some extreme side effect that would put me in a coma, hence the crack about never waking up again. Geesh, LIGHTEN UP!

Yes, 30 Helens and my doctor would agree that I’m having a rough streak with all kinds of stuff hitting the fan, but those same Helens, my doctor, and most importantly, I know that this is all going to pass and I’ll be fine.

I think that if you thought that, on top of not knowing me, you also haven’t been reading much else on my blog. It should all be in context. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve written about lately, in particular the post about my time line, in which I am looking to and making plans for the future.

So put away your pocket Freud. I’m fine. Geesh. You make one little joke about a coma, and all hell breaks loose.