Evil iPod Gremlins

I love my iPod.  I don’t know how I ever managed to get by a day without it before.  I’m not very materialistic, but it is one of my favorite things ever.

But sometimes, it’s against me.

I have the big mambo jambo 80 gig hard drive in my iPod.  So there’s a lot of stuff on there.    A lot.   Almost all the music I own.  I’m still working on loading it, three months later, and it’s not even near half way full.

The thing I like to do most is put it on shuffle.  It’s just kind of cool to hear Ocean 11, followed by Billie Holliday, followed by See Spot, followed by The Beastie Boys.   I love shuffle.   I hate shuffle.

The thing is, sometimes the last song in the world that you should be hearing while you’re in a particular frame of mind will find it’s way to your ears, out of your iPod that’s in shuffle mode.  Brutal.   Damn brutal.  Why you gotta do me like that, iPod?

I hate to love you iPod.