Freakiest Dream Ever


I’ve been having some pretty freaky dreams over the last few months. I chalk it up to stress. This one pretty much takes the cake. I had this dream on Thanksgiving evening:

I was standing at the window at night, and there were two owls in a tree outside. I opened the window, and one of the owls said “how” instead of “hoo“. I was confused, so I repeated it back, and then the owl started talking to me. He was saying, “that was really good. You caught on that something was wrong.” He came inside, and turned into Santa Claus. So, I was hanging out with Santa, and some other people were in my apartment, because it turned out that my apartment has a basement where my office was. It was time for me to work, so I went downstairs, but I was still in pajamas. I realized that it was time to get dressed, so I went upstairs to my apartment, but I kept getting interrupted. It turns out that I was running a Honda campaign, but the customers who saw the ad were coming to me for information, instead of going to a dealership. They were asking me to explain the differences between a Civic and an Accord. But, first I was talking to some customers without any pants on, then I went downstairs, and I had no shirt on. Finally I got a work shirt on, but still had the pajama bottoms. It took a while of me going back and forth before I finally got properly dressed. All the while, Santa was still hanging out, and I was still selling Hondas. Then, Santa tried to seduce me. He was kissing me! Then it was like I suddenly remembered that I had a boyfriend, and I told him. Finally, Santa left, and everyone else had gone, too. I was by myself, and my boyfriend showed up. We were sitting there having a conversation, but in the back of my mind, I was trying to think whether I had to tell him that I had made out with Santa. That was it.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Just sayin’.