Did You Know?

I’m filling out some HR forms for the new jobby job. There’s info on the medical Flex Spending Account. In case you didn’t know, some employers participate in programs that let you set aside money out of your paycheck for medical expenses. The bonus of the program is that the money is taken out pre-tax. So you save money on your taxes for pre-determining how much you’re going to spend on medical expenses every year. They also sometimes offer a similar program where you can set aside pre-tax money for childcare expenses, if you have a child.

Anyway, I’m looking through the forms, and there’s a bunch of info about what you can buy and be reimbursed for out of your medical FSA, and I saw something on the list that I never realized was a qualified medical expense. You can buy condoms with your FSA!!

Incidentally, you cannot be reimbursed for vitamins out of your FSA.

They’re both prophylactic, right? So why is that?