This Is What I Get

Remember that self-indulgent whine from the other day?  You know, the “wah-I don’t feel like I belong” navel gazing, pretentious emo tripe?

Well, the universe reminded me why you should never give in to the urge to mope so unabashedly.     Nothing good can come of it.

There I was, Wednesday morning, trolling along, minding my own business, and on my way to the shop with my car for regular maintenance type crap.   Halfway up a hill,  momentum suddenly stopped.   My foot was still on the gas.   The engine was still spinning.   The car was slowing down.

The transmission on my car blew out around the corner from the shop I was taking it to for an oil change and a tire rotation.    Beautiful.

Do you have any idea how much a new transmission costs?   Well, decidedly less than a whole new car, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to pay for it.    And the extra fun is that I have to wait for it to get here.   I shouldn’t get my car back for another week.


Just sayin’

Driving Under the Influence of J4

J4 names his vehicles.    He currently has two bikes, Gertrude and Sharkey (

I tried to resist the urge to follow in his footsteps.    Its been a long time since one of my cars had a name.   Its not like I could deny ever having done this myself; theres actually people on my friends list that rode in The Sh*tMobile.   (Seriously, in a weird way, I miss that car.   Nothing quite like a four door, 85 Ford Escort, with a luggage rack.)  Regardless, though, I didn’t want to get that attached.   I mean, Ive been burned before.   That Cavalier really broke my heart; she left in a hurry.  And when she died me, all she left me was a loan.

But, despite all my misgivings, and my desire to prove to the world that J4 and I are not as “cute” as they say, I have finally succumbed and have named my Honda.

So, it is with much pride that I introduce to the world, my bundle of joy, my four doored, silver, fuel efficient little dynamo, Keiko.   



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